Inflammation and radical life extension

People Unlimited continues to host some great speakers for Ageless Education.

Ageless education at the People Unlimited May Super Longevity Weekend included two informative presentations: a discussion on inflammation and fasting by Art Bejarano, and an update on prostate cancer by Dr. Steven Nemeroff from Life Extension.


Art Bejarano addressed both forms of inflammation, acute and chronic, along with some of the many causes. Inflammation as the root of much of the disease process is an ongoing topic of discussion around healthy longevity at People Unlimited, and the need to stay proactive in doing everything possible to reduce inflammation in the body. Art suggested several practical approaches to this issue, including moving the lymphatic system through rebounding, dry brushing with light fast strokes toward the heart, compression holding, vibration and deep breathing, use of a TENS unit or the BEMER machine.

One of the most effective ways to reduce inflammation, Art states, is the practice of intermittent fasting, which has been found to be very beneficial to reset the immune system. Art gave information on safe ways to accomplish water fasting, with advice on different supplements to incorporate while doing so, to aid the process of elimination and rebuild the system. The topic of intermittent fasting proved to be of great interest to People Unlimited members as an easy and practical daily application, giving way to a lengthy Q&A session.


Dr. Steven Nemeroff from the Life Extension Foundation also highlighted inflammation as an aspect related to the formation and progression of prostate cancer, citing bad food, or the “average” American diet, as a significant source of highly inflammatory chemicals. He suggested several supplements to help lower the risk of developing prostate cancer or prevent the development of more advanced stage cancer. Among these were flax lignans, lycopene, green tea, vitamin E tocopherol, soy isoflavones, selenium and resveratrol. He especially suggested lycopene to be taken before prostate surgery to clear the surgical margins of cancer. Dr. Nemeroff also discussed the latest screening and diagnostic techniques, along with tips on a high vegetable plant-based diet with tomatoes, fish and daily vitamin D, and avoiding red meat to greatly reduce risks.

People Unlimited does not necessarily agree with or endorse all the information provided through our Ageless Education speaker series. However, we think it’s important to provide as as much anti-aging and age reversal information as possible, to help people make better decisions for their longevity. People Unlimited never profits from the promotion or sale of any health related product. 


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