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Ageless Education series provides informative and practical advice we can implement right now.

People Unlimited was excited to have Dr. Michael Smith from Life Extension Foundation teleconference in to the June weekend event, on the subject of anti-aging nutrition. Life Extension Foundation is involved in many age reversal research projects which show promise for the future, but Dr. Smith emphasized to People Unlimited members that everyone should be implementing age reversal strategies on a daily basis now, using existing therapies.

People Unlimited Life Extension Foundation

According to Dr. Smith, we can set the stage for healthy longevity now with good nutrition, focusing on unprocessed fresh foods, including as many polyphenol-rich foods as possible, as well as eating less in general. Dr. Smith recommended a balanced Mediterranean diet as an excellent source of polyphenols, as well as healthy fats.  Polyphenol-rich diets have been shown in studies to provide many health benefits and also a 30% reduction in the risk of dying. The goal is to have 1500 mg daily, which can be supplemented if the food sources are insufficient.

Dr. Smith also discussed cell mitochondria, which he described as the energy powerhouses for turning food energy into body energy. Unfortunately, mitochondrial performance does become reduced with age, leading to cellular dysfunction and eventual death. Dr. Smith went into some detail describing the functions of PQQ, AMPK and NAD+ and how they relate to aging in the body, and reported on some of the research results.  He outlined to People Unlimited members a protocol of supplements that he himself takes. These include:

1.     PQQ to increase the number of mitochondria.
2.     AMPK activators to turn on the mitochondria
3.     Nicotinamide Riboside to boost NAD+ levels to optimize cell energy production.

Dr. Smith ended his informative presentation with suggestions on some additional anti-aging nutrients. His audience at People Unlimited especially appreciated his clear, simple advice on some important age reversal strategies to that can be implemented right now in their daily lives.


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