People Unlimited’s Ageless Education series provides tips for maintaining healthy lymphatics for the long term.

Ageless Education at People Unlimited continued with a presentation on activating our lymph systems for unlimited health, by Christi Christiaens, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, on Monday November 28th. The system of lymph vessels and nodes has been under-studied and only recently in 2015 was it discovered that we also have lymph vessels in the brain. It is vital to stimulate a healthy flow of this system, because it is a major part of the body’s immune system and all the body’s waste passes through the lymph vessels to be processed out of the body. If flow becomes clogged, then interstitial fluid and toxins can build up around the cells, hampering their proper function.

Since the lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart, physical activity is needed to stimulate flow. HIIT, high intensity interval training, is excellent, as well as jumping on a mini-trampoline, also holding stretches combined with deep breathing. Christi reminded all People Unlimited members about the importance of clean diet, eating anti-inflammatory superfoods, also green and red foods, organic wherever possible, and staying away from sugar. Avoiding toxins as much as possible in cleaning products and personal care products is very important, and especially for women’s breast health, using antiperspirants and deodorants without aluminum. She also suggested that women and men should massage their breast area regularly to stimulate lymph flow and women should avoid tight bras. Other tips offered were dry skin brushing, getting enough sleep, sleeping on our side, and sipping water throughout the day.

Taking charge of our radical life extension on a daily basis means adopting new and better strategies moving forward. People Unlimited’s Ageless Education series provides an abundance of important information that people interested in healthy super longevity and radical life extension can use to develop these strategies.

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