People Unlimited discusses the effects of amniotic stem cell therapy for longevity.

Amniotic stem cell therapy, its relevance and use in radical life extension, was the subject by Dr. Steve Hruby for Ageless Education on Friday December 9th, hosted by People Unlimited. Stem cell therapy is a cutting edge modality that is currently available to the public, in medical settings for treatment of various medical conditions, as well as for regenerative therapy.

Dr. Hruby began his presentation with a discussion of the basic levels of health care:

  1. Reactive care – mostly medical/surgical, could be natural, largely disempowering.
  2. Proactive care – largely non-medical, foundational, empowering mindset, natural/supplements/lifestyle etc.

Both of these fall within the realm of genetic limitation. He went on to describe another level that he called:

  1. Self-active care – regenerative therapies such as stem cell therapy, which build health beyond the limits of inherited genetics. This is the area that people involved in radical life extension need to be active in to radically increase their opportunities to stay alive.

Different types of stem cells were discussed: amniotic, adipose and embryonic. Although all types are utilized, the most common sources are adipose and amniotic, as embryonic stem cells have been the most controversial. Thousands of research articles published on stem cell therapy show 90-97% effectiveness to treat not only degenerative conditions, autoimmune diseases and cosmetic conditions but also for anti-aging effects and life extension. Although there are pros and cons for choosing amniotic versus adipose stem cells, which were all discussed, Dr. Hruby prefers amniotic stem cell therapy, which he considers easier, less invasive for the patient, less time-consuming and therefore less expensive.

James Strole Bernandeane People Unlimited
James Strole Bernandeane People Unlimited

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