People Unlimited’s Ageless P.E. education series continued with work advice for people planning to live forever.

Most people identify themselves as their roles in life and play out their lives within the confines of who they were brought up to be. Usually their value is based on what they do and they interact in predefined social and cultural settings. In short, get an education, have a career, get married, have a family, retire and then die.

However, for people who question the status quo and desire to break out of the box, such as People Unlimited members and the radical life extension community, we have the power to rediscover ourselves. We can choose dynamic careers/professions that best support us in an unlimited environment. We can go directly for what we want and strategize based on what works best for us.

Ageless PE continued at People Unlimited, with an inspiring presentation on how to work in a way that is complementary for the body and an unlimited life, by Susanna Lange, a People Unlimited member who works for a large corporation earning a 6-figure income.

Susanna had everyone assess two lifestyles - the person we were brought up to be and the unlimited person we have discovered ourselves to be. She reminded us that we usually feel de-energized when we are operating from the first paradigm, but when we switch to unlimited it plays directly into the biology of the body which is super dynamic. By being the unlimited body you are, you can achieve anything in your career and life.

Susanna also emphasized the importance of not being enslaved to our “to do” lists. She said that top performers in every level of business take breaks every 90 minutes. Taking breaks could be as simple as just changing activity, taking a walk, leaving the computer, going for a lunch-time workout, or taking a nap.

She also spoke of the importance of thanking ourselves and our team. Often overlooked and simple, gratitude opens up the flow of the body unlimited, building both the recipient and the giver and energizing the work environment.

We at People Unlimited have long recognized that the way most people have been taught to work is very death-oriented, with no feeling for the human bodies that are producing. Since we spend a great deal of our time in our businesses and careers, Susanna’s presentation was very helpful, inspiring and well received.

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