People Unlimited discusses how breaking out of limiting patterns can help support your super longevity.

The biology of changing habits was the latest topic of discussion in People Unlimited’s Ageless Education series on Monday, November 14th, 2016. The ability to change habits and patterns is vital for staying alive and an essential aspect of daily living for radical life extension enthusiasts with a healthy future in mind.

genius coaching people unlimited biology
genius coaching people unlimited biology

Otto Siegel, of Genius Coaching LLC, opened with the important premise that we must approach behavioral change from an action viewpoint. It is not enough to have the information; we must replace old habits with new actions. Habits begin with imprinting and are the basis of survival. An infant learns to survive and feel safe unconsciously in the first years of life, imprinted first by the mother and his/her family, expanding his/her sense of belonging as he/she grows, leading to strong habits reinforced by learned rituals.

This is backed up by the biology. The brain functions as a triune brain:

  1. The executive state, the prefrontal lobes - thinking/analyzing (what can I learn from this?)
  2. The emotional state - the limbic system (am I loved?)
  3. The survival state - the brain stem (am I safe?)
genius coaching people unlimited biology
genius coaching people unlimited biology

Because imprinting affects the brain stem, thinking and talking alone are not enough to bring about change; the whole brain and body need to be involved. We must engage holistic thinking and feeling, combined with information and action, and repeat the upgraded behavior multiple times in order to be successful. Otto also advocated a different form of imprinting that is invaluable - being reinforced in our changes by like-minded people who share our passion for life. People Unlimited members have discovered the value of a passionate support system to encourage new actions.

It’s good to remember that aging and dying are very bad habits in themselves. We are constantly surrounded by death rituals in our daily lives; every culture has them. For people interested in extending their lifespans indefinitely, a new focus is needed to replace these habits and rituals with new ways of thinking and living. We at People Unlimited find that being with others involved in ending aging and death is great reinforcement and inspiration for changing patterns.

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