People Unlimited’s discussed how deep breathing has an impact on metabolism and digestion and how it relates to unlimited life.

Christi Christiaens, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, was hosted by People Unlimited in the Ageless PE series to speak on Breathing For Unlimited Life. The focus of her presentation was the profound impact of breathing on metabolism and digestion.

Christi discussed that since we breathe 26,000 times a day, correct breathing is essential to our health. She highlighted the difference between shallow breathing and deep breathing into the belly. Shallow breathing through the mouth into the upper lungs, which is the way we breathe when we are under stress and in survival, signals the body to store fat and crave sugar, causing insulin resistance. Deep breathing through the nose into the belly is a more abundant breathing style which encourages the body to relax and burn fat, leading to efficient metabolism.

Christi pointed out the importance of correct breathing when exercising, so the body will not perceive the exercise as stress, such as when we have to run away from danger. This triggers stress hormones from the adrenals, which are a healthy response to short-term danger but are damaging to the body as a long-term response to stress. Understanding the importance of healthful workouts to People Unlimited members who are interested in radical longevity, she instructed us to breathe through the nose during exercise, which drives more oxygen into the blood through the turbinates, and to slow down when unable to do so until we are able to resume nose breathing. The capacity to breathe through the nose will increase over time, building strength and endurance.

Christi then discussed how breathing directly affects the digestion because the stomach and liver sit under the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle and without deep breathing to move it up and down it becomes stiff and lays down sticky fibrous tissue, causing the stomach and liver to become stuck to it. For optimal digestion the stomach and liver must be free, and Christi gave some examples of diaphragmatic breathing exercises that make a difference that we could practice daily. She also recommended a simple but efficient technique to learn that can detach the stomach and liver from the diaphragm gently and safely.

During the Q&A which followed, Christi advocated any exercises that encourage deep breathing and relaxation, such as yoga, as helpful to People Unlimited members looking to expand activities for their health and wellbeing. Christi’s presentation was simple and practical in nature, and the beauty of it was that it reminded us all that the simplest things in life can be the most powerful. Breathing is life itself and certainly should not be taken for granted.

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