Life coach Otto Siegel shared his insights about the challenges of deep listening and how to address them to enhance learning.

People Unlimited had the pleasure of hosting Otto Siegel this July weekend event, on Sunday July 17th 2016.

otto siegel people unlimited
otto siegel people unlimited

Siegel’s presentation outlined the reasons why we might not listen properly and ways to improve this skill. He emphasized that without strengthening this skill we may not fully understand and absorb the valuable information that a person is attempting to give us, in an informative or educational manner. He also discussed the need to understand the difference between the content and context of what is being spoken, as both convey meaning. Otto suggested that listening is just as important a skill as talking, or maybe even more important. He noted that the deepest human need is to be heard and that listening fully builds trust between people.

Otto is the founder and CEO of Genius Coaching LLC, which has been in operation since 2002 in Arizona. He’s originally from Germany, where he started Paedagogische Praxis for bright children with learning difficulties and founded the Institute of Biology of Learning in both Germany and Scottsdale in 1994. Otto has a diverse educational background from education, biology and chemistry to being a certified human behavior specialist and analyst. He is an expert in the field of executive leadership coaching, family coaching and leadership training for teachers among several other areas.

Otto’s inspiration for Genius Coaching LLC and its continued success comes from his interaction and involvements with People Unlimited and their members. Otto himself is a proud member of People Unlimited and has been for over 20 years. He is excited to contribute to creating a world free of death and limitations.

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