Dr. Kirk Parsley, leading authority on sleep optimization, presented on this subject at our June weekend event.

People Unlimited directors James Strole and Bernadeane were excited to have Dr. Kirk Parsley present at our June weekend event, Saturday June 18th 2016. Dr. Parsley is an expert in his field on health optimization and sleep.

Dr. Parsley, a former Navy Seal, became medical doctor with the Navy Seals, where he first began to study sleep and its importance. Parsley described how Navy Seals had numerous issues including memory loss, physical impairment and lowered sex drive, which all related to lack of sleep. Dr. Parsley explained that the Seals felt these issues were due to their age, and he had to convince them of the importance of sleep.

Dr. Parsley now works with clients to assist them in optimizing their sleep habits. He believes that many of our health problems and disorders in life are related to pool sleep habits. Dr. Parsley outlined a few tips on good sleep hygiene:

  • To fit with the natural circadian rhythms, bed time should be at 10pm
  • You should aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per night
  • You should have a dark and cool bedroom
  • Set up a sleep routine that is relaxing and calming and set an alarm for when to start this routine
  • Sleep is very important for learning, recuperating, detoxing and restoring
  • Don’t have electronic devices in the bedroom
  • Don’t put your sleep on the back burner or drop it due to a tight schedule

James Strole and Bernadeane, founders of People Unlimited have been speaking on the subject of Radical Life Extension and Physical Immortality for more than 50 years. People Unlimited have weekend events once a month, where special speakers like Dr. Kirk Parsley share insights about how to improve the quantity and quality of life.

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