People Unlimited Dr. Kirk Parsley

Leading authority on healthy sleep patterns to present on the subject of sleep optimization at People Unlimited’s June monthly weekend event.

Dr. Kirk Parsley is due to appear at People Unlimited’s May weekend event Saturday June 18th. Dr. Parsley is an expert in health optimization.

Dr. Parsley decided to focus on sleep optimization after he himself was a Navy Seal and had to deal with the mental and physical challenges associated with the vigorous lifestyle. He believes that many diseases and disorders that humans experience and accept as “inevitable” in society are partly due to poor sleeping habits. He is an advocate of his patients and clients achieving the highest quality of life, health, performance and longevity.

James Strole and Bernadeane, founders of People Unlimited, located in Scottsdale Arizona, are excited to host Dr. Parsley this May weekend. They have been speaking on the subject of Radical Life Extension and Physical Immortality for more than 50 years. Sleep optimization and optimal health is definitely a big part of a successful and unlimited life, along with several other elements such as health, exercise, food, science and a positive environment.

People Unlimited has recently hosted several other speakers and leaders in the field of radical life extension. These include, but are not limited to, Dr. Bill Andrews – Sierra Sciences CEO, Bill Falloon – Life Extension Foundation Founder, Liz Parrish – BioVia CEO, Max More – Alcor CEO, Dr. Aubrey de Grey - SENS, David Kekich – Maximum Life Foundation CEO, Zoltan Istvan – Transhumanist Presidential Candidate and so many more.

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