Joy of living is something I find many people take for granted. For physically immortal people it is a fundamental right, something to be grateful for and nurtured. We are alive and plan to stay that way forever. Taking the end from your life releases a true joy that cannot be compared to just the pursuit of happiness. Waking up every day with reasons to live and a purpose for your own existence is a wonderful thing. There is no real joy of living without opening to your physical immortality. A temporary lifespan is felt in the nervous system on a daily basis, causing mental disease and anxiety that manifests in multiple ways, some subtle and some as outright destruction. The cells of the body and the telomeres are responding to the message from the DNA that they only have so many times to replicate and each time with less energy and less lifespan. The mind is trying to cope daily on a deep level with its own mortality. This may not be experienced in the conscious awareness, but it is causing vast amounts of stress and coping behaviors that block the flow of life daily. How much energy can there really be left to experience freedom and joy of living?

People Unlimited livingI am thankful every day of forever that I have discovered who I am and have found people like myself, my own species. An alive body needs lots of alive stimulation and input to stir up the joy of living and that is where our togetherness comes in. My people and the life I live with them at People Unlimited are the basis of my joy of living. I am filled up with their love and inspiration. I am overflowing, with no end to the flow of life that I can experience. We don’t have to try to be joyful; we just have to get out of our own way. It is an innate response to living without death. True joy comes from within, not from “things” or content as such, although those automatically come along with daily enjoyment of creation. If you would love to experience this kind of joy, there is an open invitation for you to join us at a People Unlimited event. I hope to see you there soon.

Lorna Collett.