Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva, while speaking at People Unlimited, commented on how unusual it was for her to present her perspective on ending death to an entirely receptive audience. “I’m used to facing a lot of resistance,” she said, “and here I get nothing but agreement. I’m preaching to the choir.” Liz Parrish, Bernadeane, James Strole

Parrish offered some fascinating insights on how aging and dying has changed already over the last 500 years. Especially well received was the formidable case she made for not accepting aging and death as normal. She also provided exciting news about emerging gene therapies that could radically alter how the disease of aging is treated.

Parrish’s presentation, held on Saturday March 21st, was the third of People Unlimited’s Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series. Previously, People Unlimited had hosted Max More, the founder of transhumanism, and Dr. Bill Andrews, leading telomere researcher.

In April, the Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series continues with Neal Vanderee of the science-based Church of Perpetual Life. In May, Natasha Vita-Moore, PhD will be our feature speaker. And in June, Aubrey De Grey will round out our speaker series, leading up to our Summer Celebration in Telluride.