New Year’s Launch Kicks Off the New Year with passion, insight and leading edge science The People Unlimited New Year’s Launch, our weeklong winter event, was a tremendous success. This in-depth exploration of radical life extension and physical immortality featured penetrating expressions by James Strole, Bernadeane and others, ushering in what we are experiencing to be an exciting new era of movement.

The event also featured live video presentations by such leading lights of radical life extension as gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, professor of clinical medicine Michael Fossel and David Kekich, founder of the Maximum Life Foundation. Kekich provided insights on how we can embrace radical life extension today, as well as his plans to leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate anti-aging research. De Gray updated us on his expanding efforts, including a new SENS Research Foundation facility in the San Jose area.  Fossil spoke in detail about recent developments in molecular biology with direct implications for curing aging, including telomere research.

New Years LaunchIn embracing unlimited living, the New Year’s Launch explored a range of subjects, including personal health, prosperity, relationships and the prospects of emerging scientific innovations. As always, members shared their personal challenges and expansions in an atmosphere of unequivocal caring and support. In addition, the entertainment performed by PUI members, including singing, dancing, and acting, was outstanding.

In all, it was a profoundly enriching time together, made all the more so by the presence of out of town members, who normally connect with us only via live streaming. It’s powerful when unlimited people come together to focus on expanding both as individuals and collectively. Be sure to attend our next weeklong event, the Summer Celebration, which this year will be held in stunningly beautiful Peaks Resort in Telluride Colorado.