People Unlimited leadership is alive and well

James Strole and Bernadeane. People UnlimitedInaccurate media reporting has left some confused regarding the leadership of People Unlimited. People Unlimited was founded in 1996 by James Strole and Bernadeane who are its directors and day-to-day leaders today. Those who attend People Unlimited events, either in person or via live online streaming, know that Jim and Bernie are very much in charge, engaged and on point. In fact, there’s a broad consensus that their work is more focused, potent and impactful than ever.

While the loss of Charles Brown was a painful one, it made no direct impact on the leadership of People Unlimited. Chuck had been ill for many years and unable to contribute in a meaningful way. Additionally, Charles was never a director of People Unlimited. He had co-founded, along with Jim and Bernie, People Forever. However disagreements Jim and Bernie had with Chuck, led to the dissolution of People Forever and motivated Jim and Bernie to create People Unlimited. While any personal enmity between them had long ago passed, it’s fair to say that those fundamental differences in outlook remained.

Today, under the able leadership of Jim and Bernie, People Unlimited is continuing to provide its on-going program of inspiration, insight and encouragement for unlimited living, radical life extension and physical immortality. Their vision is broader and more encompassing than ever, galvanizing more and more people interested in deathless living to connect, explore and expand this new paradigm.