Jim, Bernie and Dr. Bill Andrews talk on telomeres and the love of life:

Dr. Bill Andrews, Jim, Bernie

“How come I never knew about you guys sooner,” was Dr. Bill Andrews first comment at the People Unlimited event Friday night in Scottsdale, AZ. “You guys love to live. I want to become a member!”. The love of living was an overall theme of the evening as a core element in the physical immortality and radical life extension equation. If you don’t love life, why fight death? Why not just give in to the status quo? This is the common ground all real immortalists share. Why be physically immortal? Because we like being here; we want to stick around and continue to grow and discover.

It was fascinating to see how the love of life was approached from scientific, inspirational and personal perspectives.  Bernadeane kicked things off in her uniquely direct and fervent style. People who appreciate realness find her authenticity irresistible. She spoke about the need to make life easy, to not allow the complexity of daily life to drag us down.

James Strole followed up with an impassioned call to all those interested in physical immortality and radical life extension to take action to make it real. He talked about the recently completed People Unlimited event in Philadelphia and how it galvanized the people there, but that without them taking action to make a deeper connection with their own physical immortality and other like-minded people, all that positive energy would dissipate.

Dr. Bill Andrews spoke about telomeres. He discussed the cutting edge work his biotech firm, Sierra Sciences, is doing to develop solutions for reversing the shortening of the telomeres, which has been linked with aging through the cell division process. It was exciting to hear about the advances his team is making, and also to hear him validate the impact of lifestyle choices and a positive, life-affirming environment on telomere shortening. Conclusion: People Unlimited is good for your telomeres!