Last night we had a meeting here in Scottsdale, AZ which was radical; more radical than what death is. There is no way a physical body can live without being taken care of, nurtured, and constantly being released from old baggage.
We always say that, "we are our bodies." That is a huge statement, think about it. You are your body, your physical body. Are you taking care of it?, are you giving it enough fuel?, are you constantly getting rid of any toxic waste? Think about it, you are your lungs, you are your heart, you are your kidneys. To really give and focus in our own physical bodies is being in total integrity. The real joy comes when there are no more splits between you and your body. You are one with your physical body.
I am so touched by this. I used to have a split within me, there was me and there was my body somewhere... Obesity, victimization, dysfunctional past lives, where is the physical body in those situations? We are so used to being distracted by imaginary friends, by the spiritual life, by the thousands of mental scenarios we constantly create, and mainly, we are so distracted by our inner war. See, the physical body is the most potent design there has ever been and many potent physical bodies together is atomic. It is not an external force, call it as you wish, it is the physical body. That is why the split and the separation.
I have experienced an intimacy with another physical immortal person where we can wipe out death codes that have been registered in our bodies. The physical bodies of each of us are connected, we speak the same language, and so, we step onto the physical dimension. That is the real sacredness.
So, I am radically taking care of my physical body, it is my treasure as all the other physical immortals bodies who are here with me, they are all my treasures!