I love being physically immortal. Every day I am more and more grateful for my quality of life because I have woken up to the true potential of my human body. When I look at the masses of people walking around I do not see much joy or excitement on the faces. I see a lot of problems in the world and very few answers. I hear mostly boring, superficial conversations and I see people trapped in tradition, limitation and repetitive patterns. Such is the world we all live in where death is the norm. I long to make a difference, to be an interruption to that way of life.

I am so thankful that some outstanding human beings delivered me from a world of suffering and that I was smart enough to leave a life of lone identity behind me. I am full of joy because of the beautiful people that I have surrounded myself with. Physically immortal people are the most divine experience on this planet. If you think that divinity belongs only to the realm of the gods, you need to meet immortals and explore the sacredness of flesh that is free from death. I can tell you about it but it is something you have to have to experience physically. You have to love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of a real life with people who are here to stay.

Recently I met Cesar from New York who read our blog and responded to my invitation to come and meet us in Scottsdale. He is wonderful, a real treasure, and I am so grateful to him that he let me make a difference in his life. There is no joy like watching a person come alive and discover who they really are. Each day more and more I am experiencing how much I enjoy reaching out to people and how much I love their differences, their unique expressions. I want more and more great people to share my life with, to nourish and enjoy. That is my purpose and my destiny - to transform myself, to find my own, and together to create a world free of death fit for us to live in forever.