Reading these posts are definately bringing back memories of the first time I heard about Physical Immortality. A friend showed me one of their DVD's and I was intrigued. I wasn't really consciously looking, qwesting or searching for anything at that time. In fact I was the opposite. I was self destructive, jaded and was basically ready for the world to end. I didn't give a damn about me at all, but I was supportive to everyone else in the world. But no matter how much I tried too make the world stop, there was something inside me that still wanted to live. I just didn't know how to do that.

I was sparked by the dvd... by just hearing their voices and what they had to say. Something very deep in my core was sparked by their words and I was on my first phone hookup after that. Since I was in California, it took me a couple of months before I went to an event. Being on the phone was good, but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to them live and in person. In that one weekend, they challenged everything I knew and thought I knew about life and myself. Every emotion imaginable came up for me. But by the end of that life altering weekend.... I knew this was home and it made it real hard to get back on that plane.
Now I live here in Scottsdale, AZ... I'm home. I don't miss being on the phone listening anymore. Being here... living the life is the greatest gift anyone could have given me. So that is why I'm immersing myself today reading about technology that will enhance the experience for all the new people out there and the ones who are already with us, but far away. I look forward for the day that I can travel with them and provide the live feeds from wherever they go.