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Propelling Force for Physical Immortality

I am a propelling force for physical immortality in this world. I’m telling you this because the question was posed last weekend at our monthly event at People Unlimited. Everyone is propelling something in their lives whether consciously or not, so it’s a great question to answer. I am happy to be a propelling force for physical immortality and a new species in this world. I refuse to promote death. I love to be alive and I love the feeling of wanting others alive, therefore I have chosen to be a propelling force for our aliveness, for our physical immortality. push the world

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is simple – simply wonderful – but I can tell you it takes true greatness to really live it. It requires a fluid state of being without control to be successful at being a propelling force for physical immortality. It takes openness and letting go - of the ego and all its measurements and selfish needs. You have to go big – bigger than yourself, bigger than your family, your peer-group, your race, your country. You have to stretch out and see way beyond what you have known, beyond any kind of lack or poverty of being. How do you do this, you might ask? There is no formula - but it all comes from being with other people. You have to be willing to open the self and let down the barriers. No one person can contain all there is – the wisdom comes from seeing the world through other people’s eyes and senses as well as your own. The only thing that matters is who you give yourself to, who you choose to align yourself with. If you think you can escape this by keeping to yourself, consider that not making a conscious choice for your life simply puts you in alignment by default with the death cult of billions of unconscious people following each other to the gas chambers without questioning whether escape is a possibility.

Physical immortality is a high state of being - an adventure worth jumping into. I’m excited that I searched out the best propelling force in this world to get behind. I am proud to be physically immortal. I am thrilled that I have purpose and meaning to my life and that I want to be more every day, not less. If I am not a propelling force for greatness, then what? Aging? Deterioration? Depression? Not for me – and contrary to what many people think, surrendering my separate ego in favor of the diversity of the whole has actually given me a more defining sense of self than I ever had – I have discovered more about who I really am and my individual gifts and contribution than ever before.

P.S. The weekend event was a thrilling and stirring time as always – great being with my people, having fun, going deep with living and giving to our actions to promote physical immortality and togetherness in this world that so badly needs real answers.

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Physically immortal, here to stay

I am physically immortal. I am here to stay. I am never going to die. My physical body is the promised land. My life is full of joy and creation because I had the privilege of waking up to my true state of being - physical immortality. I'm physically immortal and nothing can change that – it is my true and natural state of being. No-one can offer me a new belief system that would change my mind or convince me to go searching again because I'm already home. I came home to the physical body.

So, here we are, physically immortal bodies together – now what? What are we here for other than experiencing our individual joy of living? We were going along about our daily business, just full of it, loving one another, having fun, working on improving ourselves and each other – just having a great life, and all of a sudden Jim Strole throws a bomb in our midst and says he’s done with himself. He’s moving on, with or without us; he’s expanding and nothing’s going to stop him. He's not waiting for anyone to move with him; he’s moving and he’s never going to stop. He says he is compelled from within to be who he was born to be, to spread the sound of physical immortality throughout this world, and he issues a challenge to all the immortals with him – help him immortalize the world. We need to find everyone in the world who’s physically immortal. We have to give out who we are and expand; if we stay small we die… or words to that effect.

So Jim moved to a higher life and of course, when one immortal body raises the bar, we all feel the stirring because we are one flesh. I can tell you, electricity doesn’t begin to describe what we're experiencing at People Unlimited – more like atomic energy. I’m surprised they haven’t seen the light in our meeting room in Scottsdale from the space station and wonder what’s going on – especially last night. We were experiencing a pouring out to one another that can only be described as anointed.


There is so much to say about what’s happening and I’m excited to express it all. I love my job on the blog. All I can say is…stay tuned to this channel. Better still, come and see for yourself what’s happening. As great as you can imagine life could be, it's just like a flashlight to the sun of what you can actually have. Are you that big?