People Unlimited’s January Super Longevity Weekend on fire with unlimited wealth, health and longevity.

People Unlimited members enjoyed an exciting and expansive January Super Longevity Weekend, packed full of ideas and inspiration for more abundant living. Ageless prosperity was a major theme this weekend, with James Strole and Bernadeane on fire to stimulate breakthroughs to expand money-making beyond survival, a most essential change of mind-set for people planning for a long-term future.

Ageless people with radical life extension in mind have to have a greater vision for making money than just to cover household bills and short-term needs. James and Bernadeane spoke passionately about embracing that larger purpose, both on an individual basis and collectively, as activists against aging and death, in order to unleash the energy and focus needed to push past all limitations in this area.

Ageless Education also got a boost as People Unlimited welcomed Aaron Traywick, from Ascendance Biomedical to speak. This company’s goal is to make available to the public, through a series of offshore clinical trials, life extension treatments that are proven safe and effective, but which haven’t made it through the expensive rigors of FDA trials. He spoke about many protocols, from breakthrough cancer treatments, to fertility treatments and, of special interest to People Unlimited members, lifespan extension through senolytics, fullerenes and gene therapy. Senolytics and senomorphics are a new class of drugs that can be used as targeted therapy to reduce senescent cells. By combining them with other treatments that rejuvenate and restore function, we can potentially reverse the aging process.

Art Bejarano continued Ageless Education with a wealth of information on prostate health. He provided People Unlimited members with education on monitoring the prostate through testing, as well as multiple options in terms of cutting edge supplements, treatment therapies and lifestyle modifications for male physical and sexual health and longevity.

Directed by James Strole and Bernadeane, People Unlimited is an educational, lifestyle and social organization for people interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. For more information on People Unlimited events and initiatives, go to or call 480-949-4344.



Ascendance Biomedical Aaron Traywick and People Unlimited