Several months ago, Jim Strole and Joe Bardin invited me to a meeting to discuss the creation of a video documentary on People Unlimited’s quest to immortalize the world. This concept has been building momentum through the course of the year with dramatic results: events held in Israel, New York and Prescott, AZ have brought physical immortality to many new people around the world. Of course the idea appealed to me so we started planning. Through the course of 2013, Jim and Bernie had been refining their program for immortalizing the world. The summer event in July was shaping up as the culmination of the year’s work to that point. People would be coming to Scottsdale from Israel, the east coast and northern Arizona to attend, and there was also a powerful new feeling of warmth, compassion and intimacy that had been growing all year. We would be taping the entire event and I was sure that we would be capturing some great moments.

I wasn’t disappointed. At the conclusion of the event, I had roughly 30 hours of video to edit and among all that were some fantastic expressions. I put together a 23 minute segment comprised of Jim, Bernie and Joe’s expressions that dealt specifically with immortalizing the world. There are many more expressions by a variety of people who bring different perspectives to bear on the theme. But this segment will serve as the foundation for the documentary.

As we work on the documentary, I’m going to post the progress here on the blog, so people can see how this comes together. So step 1 in building a documentary is to assemble as much live-action material as possible and see how much of the story gets told with that alone. I’ve taken the 23 minute segment and cut it down to just under 16 minutes for this post. I hope you enjoy watching it and tell us what you think.