I have personally found the belief system of god to be the biggest obstacle to intimacy with another person. When talking with someone about my life as a physically immortal person I can usually address most doubts they may have about living forever, especially when they understand that it is not more of the same life that we are going for, that we are not looking to merely extend a life of suffering. Most people can apppreciate that we are going for a completely different quality of living and can decide whether or not they care enough to make the necessary changes to be alive without limitations. However, when it comes to god, I have found that many people get quite irrational and often very angry and defended. God is a deep program usually imposed on individuals from birth and reinforced throughout their lives. It starts with some sort of blessing to bring the infant under god's protection. Between an onslaught of vaccinations and god, most parents' fear is temporarily soothed and the baby has been totally programmed that it is in a fight for its life here on this planet from the very first day. There are many religions in the world, but you can be sure that whichever one you were born into that is the only true god and everyone else's is at best inferior and at worst probably dangerous and must be defended against. Hence the many wars that have been fought and countless numbers of people that have died in the name of so-called religious freedom.

The hardest thing to get around with god is the fear. People may even feel what I am saying, but superstition and the fear of being wrong run deep and with the programming comes retribution and punishment for wrong-doing against god. It is unbelievable to me that any god would have a problem with its child, its creation, wanting to bond with other people and live without death. What could be the harm in aspiring to be a healthier, happier human being? What could be the harm in holding flesh sacred without prejudice, appreciating the precious individuality of each unique person as a gift, knowing that what death takes away can never ever be replaced.

To me, all belief systems are a form of control and I experience coldness whenever someone holds one above me. I do not have physical immortality as a god because it is who I am, not my belief system. I have experienced that deep in my core. No-one taught it to me, no-one raised me to be physically immortal, but when I heard the sound that we do not have to die I felt it to be the truth, a higher life for me to live. Physically immortal people cause no harm to anyone. They seek togetherness, not division. When people have a god I have to be real and recognize that they cannot go all the way with me, a mere human being. They will never give me the credence to touch them and make a difference in their lives. I know in the past when I called out to a god I did not receive a reply or feel any comfort. I am so grateful today that I have found people that are really there for me, in good times and bad, with real answers, real hugs, real intimacy. No god ever did that for me. For me now that is the higher power, you and I together forever.