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People Unlimited to Host Dr. Bill Andrews

People Unlimited to Host Dr. Bill Andrews for an in-depth exploration of radical life extension

In keeping with its commitment to raise public awareness about radical life extension and physical immortality, People Unlimited is hosting a special evening with Dr. Bill Andrews, the leading anti-aging researcher, on Friday, January 9th at 7.30, at the People Unlimited Center:

People Unlimited Inc. McDowell Mountain Business Park 9380 E Bahia Dr, Ste A101 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

bill andrews the immortalistsBill will share his most current findings on telomere study. In addition, James Strole and Bernadeane will speak on the psychological and sociological implications of radical life extension and physical immortality.

This exciting and informative evening will follow an exclusive screening of the new documentary The Immortalists, hosted by People Unlimited at the Harkins 101 Cinema in Scottsdale on January 8th at 7:30 pm. The Immortalists focuses on the leading edge research being conducted on radical life extension and physical immortality by Bill Andrews and Aubrey De Grey.

For the screening, January 8th, reserve your place in advance

For the exploration of radical life extension, January 9th, reserve your place:

$10 (with movie ticket):  reserve now

$20 at the door, or here: reserve now

Online Streaming option available.

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David Kekich to Speak at New Year’s Launch

David Kekich to Speak Radical Life Extension at New Year’s Launch, December 27th at 12pm MST.

David Kekich, founder of the Maximum Life Foundation, will speak via Skype at People Unlimited upcoming New Year’s Launch event. David is a leading advocate of radical life extension and physical immortality, and the author of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100, where he writes:

David Kekich Radical life extension

“Someday we will look back on history with no personal understanding or empathy for human aging and how it once ravaged bodies and minds … That someday may well be in your personal future.”


He is known for having widely researched the very latest on ant-aging technology, radical life extension, and speaks on the subject in laymen’s terms.

David will add to an already loaded weeklong event of inspiration and insight on living without limitation. Be sure to get in on all the nourishment and expansion that will be happening. The New Year’s Launch runs from December 25th through the 31st, concluding with a fantastic New Year’s Eve party.

To register for the New Year’s Launch, click here.



Challenges of discussing radical life extension and physical immortality.

Challenges of discussing radical life extension and physical immortality, based on the Terror Management Theory. Thanks to Aubrey De Grey for sharing this fascinating study proposal with us, which would help explain why people often tend to be resistant to exploring radical life extension and physical immortality –they are too scared of dying to even contemplate it.  Unfortunately, this fear also blocks people from making choices that could radically increase the quality and quantity of their lives.

The authors of the proposal are:

Terror management theory (TMT; Greenberg, Pyszczynski, & Solomon, 1986) posits that awareness of death in an animal that wants desperately to live creates the potential for overwhelming terror, which would seriously undermine adaptive behavior and make life unlivable unless effectively managed. Given this profound desire for life and deeply rooted fear of death, it is paradoxical that “a large portion of the general public reject the idea that it may be a good thing to combat aging by medical means” (de Grey, cited in Moody et al., 2010). The proposed research will address the psychological processes that lead people to oppose efforts to radically extend the human lifespan by remediating the aging process.

To read the full proposal, click here.



Jim, Bernie and Dr. Bill Andrews talk on telomeres and the love of life

 Jim, Bernie and Dr. Bill Andrews talk on telomeres and the love of life:

Dr. Bill Andrews, Jim, Bernie

“How come I never knew about you guys sooner,” was Dr. Bill Andrews first comment at the People Unlimited event Friday night in Scottsdale, AZ. “You guys love to live. I want to become a member!”. The love of living was an overall theme of the evening as a core element in the physical immortality and radical life extension equation. If you don’t love life, why fight death? Why not just give in to the status quo? This is the common ground all real immortalists share. Why be physically immortal? Because we like being here; we want to stick around and continue to grow and discover.

It was fascinating to see how the love of life was approached from scientific, inspirational and personal perspectives.  Bernadeane kicked things off in her uniquely direct and fervent style. People who appreciate realness find her authenticity irresistible. She spoke about the need to make life easy, to not allow the complexity of daily life to drag us down.

James Strole followed up with an impassioned call to all those interested in physical immortality and radical life extension to take action to make it real. He talked about the recently completed People Unlimited event in Philadelphia and how it galvanized the people there, but that without them taking action to make a deeper connection with their own physical immortality and other like-minded people, all that positive energy would dissipate.

Dr. Bill Andrews spoke about telomeres. He discussed the cutting edge work his biotech firm, Sierra Sciences, is doing to develop solutions for reversing the shortening of the telomeres, which has been linked with aging through the cell division process. It was exciting to hear about the advances his team is making, and also to hear him validate the impact of lifestyle choices and a positive, life-affirming environment on telomere shortening. Conclusion: People Unlimited is good for your telomeres!



What is living unlimited?

What is living Unlimited? Living unlimited isn't about a life outside us somewhere, It's about people being unlimited together. It's we the people moving unlimited together for the first time. Unlimited movement, unlimited passion, unlimited love, unlimited feelings for one another. Unlimited expansion, unlimited touching, unlimited feeling in our own bodies. Hunger to be an unlimited person. Be so tired of being around limited people. Be so tired of your own limitations!

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World.


To the human brain, Me is We

When I read this article a friend sent me, it reminded me of my experience when I first met Charles Brown and Bernadeane in 1968. The study states “that the brain strains to sync with others and this increases the chance of our survival for ourselves and the group”. When I heard Chuck and Bernie speak I felt: they are me.  I had never heard anyone express themselves with such a passion for the human body, for the person, or for what they called, at that time, the flesh. It was very raw and vulnerable, I felt deeply touched in my soul by them. I felt I had some kind of biological shift in my body.

After that I could never get the feeling of them out of my body. I continued on with the routine of my life, but no matter what I was doing or achieving I could not feel a sense of fulfillment. Anytime I could, I tried to go to hear them.

Through a period of personal unfolding’s I began to realize that my true desire and destiny was to help them spread this great new feeling that they had in their bodies, about the flesh never dying, and a value of human life that I had never felt before.

Charles and Bernadane and I started working together, to spread this feeling around the world, this connection of forever-ness in our bodies. In our joining together we ignited an explosive passion in each other and we began to spread that passion everywhere we went.

I call this passion today a heart feeling for one another, which is stronger than the power of sickness, ageing and death.

Chuck and Bernie birthed this unstoppable feeling of flesh in me and now, through People Unlimited, we are out to birth that in who ever will receive our passion for them to live an unlimited life.

Me WeLast week before reading this article, I expressed at the People Unlimited event that not all your feelings and thoughts are entirely your own all the time, and that you have to be able to differentiate between what are really your thoughts and what are other people's. Sometimes you can wake up in the morning feeling sad and not be sure why. You are actually picking up transmissions from people who you are connected to you, who may be in a conflict.

After reading this article I saw even more deeply how we can become neurologically wired together as human beings and how important it is that our togetherness is not just about survival, but about a connection that propels us through any limitation. I think it demonstrates how important it is to be around people who send us neurological messages that promote and stimulate unlimited life in us.

When I experienced the biological connection with Bernie and Chuck, my outlook on life changed. It was as if the light was switched on. I felt a greater level of cognitive awareness, enabling me to live a life that I really wanted, not just a life that I was born into.

I would think that the more in sync we are with people that want us to live, and want nothing but joy and abundance for ourselves, the better we are.

What are your thoughts on this?


Jim Strole


Living free of mental control

Living free of mental control is a wonderful thing. The only people I have ever experienced this with are immortal. Most human beings are like ticking time-bombs. They walk around their whole lives with the unconscious knowledge that some day they are going to die. People don’t think about that much and often will dismiss you or even fight you when you try to enlighten them to their state of being, but that does not change the fact that the body feels the weight of the sentence of death every day it is alive and dulls the senses to prepare for loss of all kinds. Living with the belief system of death is very suppressive of aliveness and joy, but since most people have never known anything else it’s just accepted as the norm. No-one has really lifted the veil to explore what a human body without that limitation would be like, until now. We are the people doing this, literally going where no-one has ever been before. There are innate creative powers of the human body when freed from the daily reality of living with a death sentence and the inevitable fears that arise from that. When the body can function from somewhere more vast and inclusive than just the programmed human mind, there is a change that takes place that produces great clarity and focus of thought, feeling and action. First you have to be delivered from the mental prison. That requires a human touch from someone who has crossed over the death barrier and is moving free themselves. I wish I could convey to you the glorious rest that you will experience in your nervous system when an immortal penetrates to your soul and lifts your burden… the possibilities you will glimpse and the new hungers that will begin to squirm inside you. If I could just open a door for you right now to another world, would your natural sense of adventure and curiosity that maybe you remember from your childhood take over? Would you run through eager to explore, or would you dismiss immortality as stupid and close the door behind you?

Immortal bodies are nothing short of treasures. People that are willing to face everything and be vulnerable and intimate with themselves and others are sacred to me. People that go beyond a self-centered life to reach out and take others with them to greater heights are simply precious. They are the life-blood of this planet. Once you have tasted the sweetness and illumination of the virtue that pours from an immortal body, you are never the same. It is the genius of immortals that has realized that human nourishment is the missing ingredient and the key to living abundantly forever. Without it a person slowly or quickly dries out, shrivels up and eventually blows away.




A new year, a new opportunity to move for your physical immortality now

Welcome to a new year and a new opportunity to move for your physical immortality now. Expansion is the hot topic at People Unlimited right now and we are exploding with new change in that direction. I am blown away by the transformation I am seeing in people as we are moving together for expansion in all areas of our lives, but especially in bringing the good news to more and more people who have not yet heard that they don't have to fade away and die. Every event is literally life-altering. We are generating so much excitement that it is electric together. We are moving faster than our own controls, faster than the speed of our limited minds. We are abandoned to the hunger of our immortal soul to be free and the only real freedom is freedom from death itself.

It is a wonderful thing to witness people break out of their confines and come more alive than they ever dreamed they could be. Such is the state of a free body. It never gets old to see someone break away from their death urges and start glowing as new life floods them with light. Whether it's someone you have known for years or someone you have never met before, feeling their transformation and rebirth is pure joy. It affects everybody and we all surge forward together.

We are looking for our own, people who want to live and build a new world fit for passionate people to explore the unknown in peace and prosperity. Our kind is full of adventure, ready for change and new excitement, ready to build others and share what they have to give of themselves. Do you feel you are one of those people?  If so, we need you and you need us. It's time to take action now.

Physical immortality is a speeding train moving. Jump aboard and experience the joys of expansion for yourself.

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Free from Relationships

Why do we need to free ourselves from relationships, any kind of relationship? Because they keep us locked in a prison, because they feed our ancestral fears and keep us set in a certain box where we can't move freely. A physical immortal person needs to move in total freedom. Once you have experienced being such a loved person and, at the same time, that love has nothing to do with physically living forever, then you must break the ties, then you must shift and move to a different reality, one that can nourish you, one that can see you for who you are. In a relationship, we don’t see each other for who we really are but for what we expect or desire. In a relationship, we carry the burden of the other, we constantly measure our doing expecting a reward, struggling to be loved and therefore, survive. There is a new togetherness to be experienced. We can be together, really together when we allow the other to move totally free, when we cherish their opening and their movement. The real freedom is the freedom from death.

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The Randomness of Love

Many people hold love as the highest value and the highest experience they can have. Love can be great, but a lot depends on who is doing the loving and why. That's because love is often hopelessly bound up with the evolutionary urge to procreate. And from that standpoint, it's utterly random. The species as a whole really doesn't care if your life partner nurtures you, spurs you on to greater boldness of living or freedom of thought. The species as a whole just wants you to reproduce. So unless you're really sharp about your life, it's extremely easy to find yourself in bed with someone who is, or will become, the single greatest limiting factor in your life.

As immortals, we are awakening out of the randmoness of evolution. We are not here to procreate the species, or similarly, to perpetuate the family. We are here to live ourselves and overturn that old order, under which human life really doesn't count for a whole hell of a lot, except as a means to produce more human beings, who will in turn disappear into the void of death themselves. Love, uninformed by higher human intelligence, plays a central role in this endless death cycle.

We are here to love and to love deeply, but to do so with a higher purpose than simply family and procreation. This frees us from the narrow agenda of evolution and of the male and female egos born out of this agenda. For this reason, we have to go into relationships with eyes wide open, speak everything we feel, and be willing to go to depths together that break through the programming of mundane living. We are not random creatures. We are filled with purpose and with passion. We have to chose intimate partners who are like us. It's really just that simple.

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