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Is the body programmable?


We want to share an article that one of our members sent to us stating, "Science proves that DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies"

We have known and been talking about the power of the spoken word now for many years, understanding the effect it can have on the human body.  When we first started speaking about unlimited living and physical immortality, we could see the difference in people when we gave them our words of inspiration and told them they were unlimited. Over time we could actually witness the physical differences in these people, as they began to blossom and grow more alive and vibrant in our environment. We realized forty years ago how important an environment of unlimited and uncontrolled expression coming from the soul is.

Now this article states that the human DNA, throughout the entire body, is a biological internet and is far superior in many aspects to artificial internets. The article shows that the transference of energy through the power of words can penetrate through and around the world, connecting with other like minds and bodies. We believe this energy even transmits into the universe itself.

A cell phone or Internet transmission can pierce through walls and many other kinds of barriers. You can be sitting in some kind of enclosure and still get cell phone reception most of the time, but sometimes not because of the weakness of the frequency. The human word and energy frequency is a constant that is not weakened by distance or barriers, only by how receptive the person is to taking it in.

So think about this as you are going through your day, how powerful your words and your energy are and how they can transform you and the world.

Can you actually speak and think yourself into a physically immortal life?


Bernie and Jim.



Physical immortality is a never-ending journey of joy, untouched by tragedy

physical immortals know comedy I was feeling inspired recently about how people who live physical immortality are a people who know no tragedy.  In the story of the human race, tragedy is a constantly recurring theme.  Aristotle explored it thoroughly in his Poetics, along with the another very common theme, comedy.

I moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to be in and among the People Unlimited Community.  In 2 1/2 years, I have only missed a handful of events.  What I have felt is an inspiration, joy, connection, and a free-flowing moving of energy.  I have felt this before.  But consistently? No, this is a special place.  I have been a part of independent self-growth communities that surge and then fade over time, as egos do battle, and burdens overtake inspiration.  But here, I have seen Jim Strole, Bernadeane, and the community move through many challenges with joy.  There is a theme of deep connection, and deep intimacy, growing deeper over time.  When you have that, why would you even want to die?

On the facebook group, I recently posted this video.  It begins with a quote from Alan Harrington:

 "Death has become an imposition on the human race and is no longer acceptable".

Take 3 minutes and watch it.  This is why I am here.  This is why I must be around people who feel this way about life.

Joy is a recurring theme of physical immortality.  Joy and inspiration.

Also, comedy!  And giving to others.

Recently the charitable wing of People Unlimited, People Unlimited Charities, held a fundraiser event called Womanless Beauty Pageant.  Its the 4th annual one, and it was hilarious.  To be a guy and put on a show like this for a couple of hundred people really takes some balls.  This was not a "drag" show.  This was for fun.  This was to entertain, for guys to step out of the box and explore full out human expression, and it all went to charity.  You can read all about it here:

Here is a clip:

This journey keeps getting better, it's a new model for living.  Fun, connection, freedom, and intimacy.  Self-selected, and coming together on regularly to face challenges together and spark the body toward limitless self-growth and evolution.  Only when growth stops does aging begin.  The human body never needs to age.  It just needs the right environment.  Its a joy to be here.



Responding to Physical Immortality is Amazing

I was one of many enjoying our People Unlimited event last evening when a speaker, a highly admired and respected member of our community, spoke out my name, looked at me in the eyes and said that he was thinking about me and he felt it was pretty amazing that I have responded to Physical Immortality.  In that moment a warm feeling of agreement, joy, and gratitude filled my body. Because it’s true, it is amazing that I responded to Physical Immortality. What? People never to experience death?  How absurd! What a bunch of foolish people! That’s how most people respond to Physical Immortality. However, when I laid down in bed that night ready to fall asleep I thought about this; what is MORE amazing than me responding to Physical Immortality is when people who come into our midst and begin to experience who we are as a people and as a new life but don’t respond to Physical Immortality. To me, THAT is what really amazes me. Since meeting Charles Brown, Jim Strole, and Bernadeane my life has totally changed and has been uplifted and enriched beyond words. Physical Immortality is not an idea, concept, religion, or belief system. Physical Immortality is a new way of life, a new way of feeling about your person and about others. Physical Immortality is about a higher quality of life. Now that I’ve experienced a deeper, richer way to live, there is no way that I could ever go back to the mundane, superficial way of existence that used to be my reality.  What I am referring to is the ordinary, normal way of life that is out there or what people refer to as “the way it is”.

It’s been over 10 years since I first met these people and I will tell you that without my good fortune to have met them I would never have experienced what I am now experiencing as a human being. I have always been a deep person, always wanting more in life and more with people. I’ve always had a hunger to experience life at its fullest but it just seemed in that world from which I came there was not a whole lot there, no true caring or feeling for one another, only the superficial ways of going thru the motions but with no real substance behind the mask. For example, how many times in your life have you felt you had something with another person but then one day you realize that person was gone. Either they’ve moved away or they have moved on to other things or to other people in their lives. The interaction with that other person stopped. What happened to what you had with that other person?

In the world from which I came, it is a world where people aren’t 100% real. It’s a world where there is a lot of guesswork that takes place because you have to figure out if people or situations that people create are real or not. I’ve entered a world, at my own choosing, where all of that has ended. I don’t have to guess anymore because everything is clean and clear. We do not hide anything from each other, nor do we have any secrets. Everything is put on the table. As a people we have an organic sense of integrity about ourselves that is truly remarkable. This frees us from the state of survival. We are direct and honest with each other. Sometimes we have to face things with each other but we do so in a way that is very direct and nourishing that leaves the other person feeling held and warm. We have a way with each other, no matter what the situation, where people feel lifted by each other. There is a genuine feeling that we have with each other that is real. And because of the feeling and integrity that we have with each other there is a “rest in the body” so the person can really live. People in this world do not get to experience this level of human interaction on an every moment, on-going basis.

We have people from all over the world that have embraced this new life because they all hungered for something new, something fresh, something totally clean, and something totally nourishing so that the body can really thrive and can really live with joy.




Propelling Force for Physical Immortality

I am a propelling force for physical immortality in this world. I’m telling you this because the question was posed last weekend at our monthly event at People Unlimited. Everyone is propelling something in their lives whether consciously or not, so it’s a great question to answer. I am happy to be a propelling force for physical immortality and a new species in this world. I refuse to promote death. I love to be alive and I love the feeling of wanting others alive, therefore I have chosen to be a propelling force for our aliveness, for our physical immortality. push the world

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is simple – simply wonderful – but I can tell you it takes true greatness to really live it. It requires a fluid state of being without control to be successful at being a propelling force for physical immortality. It takes openness and letting go - of the ego and all its measurements and selfish needs. You have to go big – bigger than yourself, bigger than your family, your peer-group, your race, your country. You have to stretch out and see way beyond what you have known, beyond any kind of lack or poverty of being. How do you do this, you might ask? There is no formula - but it all comes from being with other people. You have to be willing to open the self and let down the barriers. No one person can contain all there is – the wisdom comes from seeing the world through other people’s eyes and senses as well as your own. The only thing that matters is who you give yourself to, who you choose to align yourself with. If you think you can escape this by keeping to yourself, consider that not making a conscious choice for your life simply puts you in alignment by default with the death cult of billions of unconscious people following each other to the gas chambers without questioning whether escape is a possibility.

Physical immortality is a high state of being - an adventure worth jumping into. I’m excited that I searched out the best propelling force in this world to get behind. I am proud to be physically immortal. I am thrilled that I have purpose and meaning to my life and that I want to be more every day, not less. If I am not a propelling force for greatness, then what? Aging? Deterioration? Depression? Not for me – and contrary to what many people think, surrendering my separate ego in favor of the diversity of the whole has actually given me a more defining sense of self than I ever had – I have discovered more about who I really am and my individual gifts and contribution than ever before.

P.S. The weekend event was a thrilling and stirring time as always – great being with my people, having fun, going deep with living and giving to our actions to promote physical immortality and togetherness in this world that so badly needs real answers.

people-unlimited-immortality-Emblem-no shadow-50



Physically immortal, here to stay

I am physically immortal. I am here to stay. I am never going to die. My physical body is the promised land. My life is full of joy and creation because I had the privilege of waking up to my true state of being - physical immortality. I'm physically immortal and nothing can change that – it is my true and natural state of being. No-one can offer me a new belief system that would change my mind or convince me to go searching again because I'm already home. I came home to the physical body.

So, here we are, physically immortal bodies together – now what? What are we here for other than experiencing our individual joy of living? We were going along about our daily business, just full of it, loving one another, having fun, working on improving ourselves and each other – just having a great life, and all of a sudden Jim Strole throws a bomb in our midst and says he’s done with himself. He’s moving on, with or without us; he’s expanding and nothing’s going to stop him. He's not waiting for anyone to move with him; he’s moving and he’s never going to stop. He says he is compelled from within to be who he was born to be, to spread the sound of physical immortality throughout this world, and he issues a challenge to all the immortals with him – help him immortalize the world. We need to find everyone in the world who’s physically immortal. We have to give out who we are and expand; if we stay small we die… or words to that effect.

So Jim moved to a higher life and of course, when one immortal body raises the bar, we all feel the stirring because we are one flesh. I can tell you, electricity doesn’t begin to describe what we're experiencing at People Unlimited – more like atomic energy. I’m surprised they haven’t seen the light in our meeting room in Scottsdale from the space station and wonder what’s going on – especially last night. We were experiencing a pouring out to one another that can only be described as anointed.


There is so much to say about what’s happening and I’m excited to express it all. I love my job on the blog. All I can say is…stay tuned to this channel. Better still, come and see for yourself what’s happening. As great as you can imagine life could be, it's just like a flashlight to the sun of what you can actually have. Are you that big?



Immortalizing the world

Immortalizing the world is our new call to action at People Unlimited. Really, it is the call to action for every person who is physically immortal because we do not tolerate death well. We feel the joy of living free and we want others to feel it too. Jim Strole and Bernadeane are the ones who are out front stirring the big wake-up of immortalizing the world and I would like to dedicate this blog to them and tell you a little bit about them. I want you to know why you need to meet them and join all of us who are going for a deathless world. They are the founders of People Unlimited, which is their business model to do their work of touching people. Their individual genius is that they speak about physical immortality and reach out to make a forever connection with people who respond. They are not trying to recruit members; they love people and are out to find our own kind. Yes, we are a different species of human being. We are the future of this world. Physical immortality is the next step in development for humankind. Whether you believe that or not is not important. We have already experienced that we are physically immortal now and nothing can change that. It is already established in the flesh. The only question is…will you join in?

Above all, beyond the enormous purpose they exhibit through their work of immortalizing the world, Jim and Bernie are wonderful human beings that are just a treat to be around. They are passionate, intimate, warm, welcoming, direct, touchable, reachable, compassionate, fiery, electric, stirring, provoking, soulful, funny, heartfelt, beautiful physical bodies inside and out. Just the way I like my people to be! I joke, but really they are the whole package and more. When I met them I experienced a forever connection in the flesh that will never be broken; it is a bond stronger than death.

I hope you will get in touch with being physically immortal and not have to die. Believe me, immortalizing the world is a lot of fun.



Stirring the fire

We are stirring the fire at People Unlimited these days – the fire to live. I have been loving our recent events. Each night together has been building the fire high. We have been getting in touch with the soul of the body that hungers to live beyond everything. That hunger is a drive that fires up the body to keep moving past all the limits. People die because they finally give up on themselves. We will never give up. We know we don’t have to. We are stirring the fire and feeding each other the soul nourishment that satisfies us and gives us heart to keep going. All fires need fuel. We are that fuel for one another and we are ready to light up the world! In reality, we do not have to work at living abundantly, we have to let go. Being physically immortal is naturally who we are. We already have everything we need inside to be all that we want to be, but we do have to let go of who we are not in order to live free of death. Connecting with people who see who you really are and will remind you when you forget is vital. I would never be able to sustain my energy and joy, let alone my immortality, without being in the presence of those I can experience the flow and exchange of life with.

If you have a fire inside, the best thing you can do is be with people who don’t want to put that out, but want to fan the flames. There are too many people in this world that don’t want you really alive, it is too challenging for them. If you are really excited it forces them to see how dull they are feeling. But it’s so great to wake up and not accept the drudgery of this world. It’s exciting to feel something fresh and brand new for the flesh. There is so much new technology but what’s new where human beings are concerned? We are generating atomic energy at People Unlimited and it’s coming from flesh. It’s what the body is supposed to be, what the body truly is when relieved of the sentence of death. Does that possibility stir you at all? Do you feel any fire in your gut to check it out? I’ll be here, along with a whole bunch of passionate individuals who will blow you away with their brilliance and humanity.


A new year, a new opportunity to move for your physical immortality now

Welcome to a new year and a new opportunity to move for your physical immortality now. Expansion is the hot topic at People Unlimited right now and we are exploding with new change in that direction. I am blown away by the transformation I am seeing in people as we are moving together for expansion in all areas of our lives, but especially in bringing the good news to more and more people who have not yet heard that they don't have to fade away and die. Every event is literally life-altering. We are generating so much excitement that it is electric together. We are moving faster than our own controls, faster than the speed of our limited minds. We are abandoned to the hunger of our immortal soul to be free and the only real freedom is freedom from death itself.

It is a wonderful thing to witness people break out of their confines and come more alive than they ever dreamed they could be. Such is the state of a free body. It never gets old to see someone break away from their death urges and start glowing as new life floods them with light. Whether it's someone you have known for years or someone you have never met before, feeling their transformation and rebirth is pure joy. It affects everybody and we all surge forward together.

We are looking for our own, people who want to live and build a new world fit for passionate people to explore the unknown in peace and prosperity. Our kind is full of adventure, ready for change and new excitement, ready to build others and share what they have to give of themselves. Do you feel you are one of those people?  If so, we need you and you need us. It's time to take action now.

Physical immortality is a speeding train moving. Jump aboard and experience the joys of expansion for yourself.

Physical immortality - taking charge of our experience of aliveness

Physical immortality is taking charge as an individual of our own experience of aliveness. That means not waiting any more. Not waiting for someone or something to make us happy. Taking charge is being responsible for our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, knowing we have choice in all things, even about saying no to death. Death is a reality for most, but only because it has not been challenged. Human beings have not realized they had power over their own destiny and choosing physical immortality. Most people are subject to their families, their gods, their status in life, their boundaries. Most would not recognize freedom if it jumped on them. I am talking about freedom of the soul, to feel, to move, to open, to breathe. Freedom to be touched by people, to experience great joy, to be at peace, to be excited. Freedom to be physically immortal.

Physical immortality is being responsible to raise ourselves from the pit of death. Bernie expressed last night about pushing through the tough places where we would want to stop before the point of change that brings about total freedom from what is limiting us in the moment. Death demands we toe the line and stay slaves to our own history and that of our family line, but we have the right to take charge and experience the divinity of our flesh that takes us beyond the sentence of death. Finally we do not have to look to a god or call on what we cannot see for help. We can look in each other's eyes, feel physical arms around us and the warmth of the human soul that feels its foreverness.  We can stop the critical mind that causes separation and division, thus ending all war in the physical body and ultimately in the world.  Every time we face limitation and go through it, we gain the strength and resilience of our physical immortality and our experience of aliveness gathers new momentum.

Immortal Prosperity - ending the limitation of poverty

Immortal prosperity is the hot topic at People Unlimited these days. Being physically immortal, it is essential to end the limitation of poverty which is part of the program of death. We are moving intensely to smash it and be free of the distraction once and forever.  We are sick and tired of being controlled by any form of lack. We simply have too much purpose and too much living to do to worry about the finances we need. There is more than enough money in this world for everyone to be abundantly rich, happy and healthy, and we refuse to be a part of the system of death that promotes otherwise. I believe that physical immortality is innate to the human body, but we have to create our lives free from the influence of death that was imprinted upon us from birth. We have shared DNA with people who have died for eons, thus we have carried a mixture of death programming along with the pure immortal strand. But there is an undeniable happening on the planet today. People are actually experiencing who they really are, and there is a powerful move to take back our lives whole and complete.  Physical immortality is the cutting edge today. It is by far the most exciting happening in this world.

Our destiny as immortals is unlimited immortal prosperity and joy.  All we have to do is claim our wholeness and move to bring it about. Immortals have the power and the heart to do that because we have forever in mind. We build one another to expand beyond the small thinking of a lone identity existence. In our events we demonstrate progressive change to one another by our expressions of dynamic movement. This imprints us all with new life. The bar gets set high collectively and, if we do not suppress our desire for more, we can face whatever lack or limitation may lie in our individual bodies. It is an intense but rewarding way to live, and we are on our way to create more immortal prosperity than we ever dreamed possible.


Physical immortality is wild and crazy!

Physical immortality is one crazy ride.  There is always something to anticipate and enjoy when living with wild and crazy immortals! If you could put a video camera on each one of us I'm sure people would get tired just watching us run around doing all the things we love to do to maintain our immortal bodies in total joy, health and prosperity.

People Unlimited Charities Womanless Pageant

Last weekend our gorgeous deathless men treated us all to a lavish evening of outrageous sexy fun and laughter as they paraded up and down the cat-walk for their once-a-year breakout night of talent in dresses, swimsuits and of course the infamous 5" heels in the Womanless Pageant. They tell us it's because of People Unlimited Charities that they do this, but I suspect they all enjoy their journey into the female psyche a little more than they might have you believe! The opportunity to play dress up, get manicures and pedicures and paint themselves with colorful makeup that they were all denied as little boys is just too good to pass up…and we all adore them for it.

In fact, the crowd was blown away with such an exhibition of sexy bodies, fashion, talent and humor that we were left hungry for more.Unfortunately we have to wait until 2013 for the next performance, but in the meantime we still have all our beautiful immortal men to enjoy every day with their pants on and their facial hair intact! I am crazy in love with each one of them, and all the others who didn't feel to expose themselves in such a vulnerable fashion, even though immortals make the most loudly appreciative audience on the planet.

To the credit of all the participants, including all the female counterparts who helped transform the guys and the hard-working production crew, as well as everyone who donated money and bought tickets, the show raised lots of money for the charity and we all came away richer for the experience.Thank you to everyone who created such a wonderful spectacle for us to enjoy, and to our magnificent directors Jim and Bernie for their huge vision to go beyond themselves to extend their warmth and immortality to the world by their outreach programs. That is after all what being physically immortal is all about... helping people to live greater than they ever dreamed possible.

This is what physical immortality is about.

Immortals love intensity

It is so good to be physically immortal and to be living my life with huge, vast people who inspire me by their brilliance to be who I really am. Today I realize how much I love intensity. Immortals thrive on it. Death is a ruthless SOB, mowing down everything in its path, so why shouldn't we be just as ruthless in going for our freedom. Indeed we have to be. Immortals are intensely passionate, intensely loud, intensely soft, intensely penetrating, intensely for and against, depending on what is in our face at the time. I like people who are honest, who are not afraid to be themselves. I am ready for them. I am not intimidated by their individuality, I love it. I love to be in touch with the body. I was reminded this morning of how important it is for us to feel one another. It's not enough for me to have a sound of life if I cannot connect with the person I'm trying to give it to. I don't want to preach to anyone, even though I may have some great and helpful things to say. I prefer to feel their flesh and give them a fresh and real response in the moment, spontaneous from my gut.

Sometimes a physical touch from an immortal body can wipe away a multitude of "sins" faster than words, sometimes we need the vibration of a loud immortal sound to stir our body electric, but we create new life in one another with our interaction. This is no lone identity trip, we're in this together. There is no place for ego if you want to feel really alive and unstoppable. I love the simple things. I love being able to see forever…


Moving real

Physically immortal people are moving together in powerful new ways at People Unlimited. We are on fire to build the organic physically immortal body and life right now. The emphasis is on physical and now! If we make that solid and real, we need have no fears for the future as the future is being built on the foundation of today's movement. People who resonate with the sound of physical immortality are passionate, caring people with a feeling for their own flesh and a desire to build others. We are quite simply the sweetest bodies on the planet. The value of human life is what makes us sweet, that we recognize how important people are and we have a taste and a hunger for the uniqueness of each person. We love to touch, hold, feel, interact, listen and express ourselves with others. We are open, not fixed. We are gentle but strong and determined in our being. We sense the unknown and the unseen of ourselves and we hunger to bring it forth. We are not satisfied with the status quo, we are creators and visionaries. We are sculptors of flesh, carving ourselves out new and fresh from the rock of death that has encased our bodies.

Jim Strole said it the other evening…how many true adventures are left on this earth? All the land and oceans have been explored, the mountains climbed, the territories established. The exploration of the potential of the human body and organic physical immortality is the greatest adventure on earth today, the one with the biggest future for mankind. I heard a neurophysicist say the other day that there are more electrical connections in a cubic cm of the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way. The human brain is the most powerful thing ever discovered in the universe, it is staggering in its abilities, so why is it so difficult for people to see that we have only just scratched the surface of what the whole human body is capable of producing. What can be achieved when those trillions upon trillions of neuron connections of one person connect with the countless connections of other bodies? Want to stick around and find out with me?


Coming Back Home

The feeling of excitement as we prepare for a Physical Immortality out of state event is incredible. There is a certain stirring in the body that I only experience in those times. And then, the event.... So much, there is always so much we experience all of us together, because there we are, completely exposing ourselves in such a raw manner, I love it! And then, we come back home. I always feel a rest in my body as I am flying back to Phoenix. This time was a little bit different.

I felt a very deep connection with all my deathless people. In that connection I felt my own deathlessness. I felt the hunger that I always had for this life and for recognizing myself for who I was. I feel so surrendered as a physically immortal person. I am so present, so in touch. It is so right to have gone for what I felt deep in my guts and not even pay attention to voices trying to stop that which was impossible to stop.

Today, I feel I have nothing to do with death and all its sneaky and dirty ways it uses to move around. Death has its own world and I am not of it. Never been. Things are going to be easier and easier for all of us. My purpose is clear, no death in our bodies. Be consistent, keep yourself focused, feel the joy of living, feel the rest in being home, feel the passion for others, go deep with your feelings, keep it simple, love money, honor who you are, be grateful.

Building a deathless world

I'm looking forward to everyone coming home from New York and all of us being together again. Our immortal events/meetings are always nourishing and wonderful, but there is nothing like the power of the whole that we experience when more of us are physically in each other's presence. That is why we reach out to others, because we are building a world without death. It is a huge and joyful calling and we need everyone that wants a deathless world to participate. Each person has unique gifts to offer. We are like a symphony of life; each instrument or voice alone is beautiful but when everyone sounds together the resulting creation is a masterpiece.

Joe described the waking up from the sleep of death that happens when people come in the presence of immortals. There is no end to that experience. I am still waking up after 20 years and sometimes fighting the tendency to want to numb out with addictions can be very difficult, but I take heart in my breakthroughs and give myself praise for how far I have already come. I agree that feeling ourselves immortal is the key, not believing in physical immortality. Our journey is a physical one, we need actions to match our thoughts. We need to be dropping belief systems, not taking on new ones. We are like computers with too much old software that need to be updated! I feel that physical immortality is the true state of being of a human body that is not loaded down with endless negative thoughts, especially the ultimate limiting belief that we have to die. These programs depress people year after year and rob them of their joy and energy to live. Sickness, aging and dying are by-products of the destructive ways we treat ourselves on a daily basis over time.

The only way I can see for anyone to be free is to immerse themselves in living with deathless people. The truth will not set us free, but people will. We need to be electrified to feel the passion to make lasting changes for our lives. That is impossible to do alone. I need the inspiration of other people's movement to encourage me to keep moving, they need mine. We stoke the fire of each other's hunger to live. I feel blessed to be a part of creating this exciting new world. I feel special. I love who I am. If you knew me 20 years ago you would know how impossible that was for me to say about myself in the past! If people only knew how good they could really feel, the world would be a very different place right now - and for us it is! Welcome home Joe.

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After the NYC event

We are sitting in Newark Airport, our flight delayed two hours because of weather. The NYC event was intense and ambitious. We met with people interested in physical immortality, which was exciting. One thing that struck me is that we get so well adjusted to dying that it really takes a kind of shock to the system to jolt us awake. Having adapted to death, we now have to reverse the adaptation. We have to experience our bodies as whole.

For me this has always taken the form of literally feeling more. Being more emotional yes, but also experiencing more of a gut feeling and trusting that gut feeling enough to act on it. This not only clears up a lot of the endless head analysis, it also makes decision making more fun. There's a feeling of freedom that comes with going with my gut that I really enjoy.

In effect, this is what we invite people to do when we meet them in these kind of outbound events. As Bernie said, the belief system of Physical Immortality will not bring about Physical Immortality. In fact, it's not even a very good belief system, because it's darn near impossible to actually "believe" in such a huge thing. We have to feel it. We have to feel ourselves as being here forever, which for me means always feeling more and never settling for numbness.

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Escape the setup

I couldn’t agree more with Joe, Lorna and Leann. To me family, religion, God, genetics, love, and all the emotional involvement around them are this gigantic horrifying creature that traps people with its sticky tentacles and little by little suffocates the life out of them.

My family loves me, but they don’t care about my happiness and well being if it’s related with me being physically immortal because it makes me different, out of the norm, and of course out of the flock who prefers to die instead of deserting their families and God . I don’t want this kind of love; religion operates under the same principles. I grew up in Christianity, and although I stopped being involved in all the religious rituals during my teens I can see now how religion was actively present in my everyday life.

I refuse to remain faithful to someone or to some form of creed that doesn’t care about me. For them, their structures are more important than my life. My freedom is priceless! The more I see the big setup the more I appreciate and value my life, my people. I experienced a new love, and I don’t have to pay with my life to keep this love.