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Cesar Augusto Trujillo - The joy of transformation

cesar_augusto_peopleunlimited_testimonialI finally understand what it means to listen to my body. In 6 and a half years since I became a member of People Unlimited, I never get sick. My health is immaculate. Being around people who are living forever, I’ve totally changed my food, my lifestyle, and I just get better all the time.

I used to surf, but when I was 23, my partying social life got me too out of shape to continue. Now I wakeboard, snowboard, mountain bike and hike. I’m just inspired by people to do it.

I'm an electronics engineer born in Venezuela in 1977. I had good jobs and lots of friends. I was a party boy, drinking almost every day, going out all the time – boats, motorcycles, racing cars, you name it. My girlfriend connected with these immortals in Scottsdale. Around this time she got pregnant with my daughter, Fabiana, and we got married. She wanted to move to Scottsdale and I agreed.

I never quite fit in to any group or situation in my life. I always felt different. I sometimes asked myself: what am I doing here? Even when I was having a great time, it was just boring social stuff. I once took a cruise on a luxury yacht to the Virgin Islands with beautiful women, but when I got home, I thought: Is this it? Is this what I came to this world for? I knew I was missing something in my life.

I went to church with my family growing up, but year after year they just repeat the same thing again and again. At 13, I stopped going. It was just another place where I didn’t fit in.

I moved to Scottsdale with my wife and daughter, but then we separated. She stopped being involved in People Unlimited. But I figured I’d stick around since I came all this way and see what it was about.

I transformed from a person that didn’t care about anybody to a real giving, sensitive person. I feel in the best shape of my life. When I came here, people thought I was 35 years old, when really I was 28. Now people think I’m 30! It’s a great feeling to have people around you that just want the best for you.

I own my own business and make good money, but I don’t have that fear any more that if I don’t accomplish certain things then I’m not good enough or that I’m running out of time. Living without rejection has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I always had friends before, but they would just disappear as soon as I moved on to something new. Now I have people that move on with me.

More importantly, I am now a person who doesn’t disappear on others. I will be always be here ready to support people, without any judgment. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be. I’ve learned to accept myself – I’m the best that I can be right now. I don’t compare myself with anybody; we are all different and that’s the beauty of each person.

I started playing the bass guitar 8 months ago and now I play live in front of people. I still don’t believe how good I am. When you are fresh and new all the time, not even the sky is a limit. I could have never discovered this without People Unlimited.

I’m just a baby in an infinite world. I’m an open person that does not have any limits at all. I’m in constant change and constant transformation. I don’t recognize myself any more and I don’t want to, because tomorrow I will be different. People Unlimited has taught me to find my joy in transformation.

Craig McClure - Supported to be great

Craig_McClure_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialI can look back on any given month now and see that I’ve lived, experienced and accomplished more than I used to in a year. I’ve learned a great deal about how life without struggle can bring a joy that is lasting and unshakeable. I have a great connection to people that are truly alive and support each other to achieve whatever it is they set out to accomplish.

I was born a “gifted” child, but wasn’t very good at it. It seemed that people disliked me or made fun of me because I was smart, and to protect myself I started acting dumb. For several decades, I put on an act of being an average, easy going, funny guy, but I never fit in or felt comfortable in my surroundings.

It didn’t seem that anyone had a clue as to how joy and happiness could be attained. People deluded themselves into thinking that if they just prayed harder, or got that raise, or their candidate got into office, or they could get it on with the person they lusted after, that happiness would follow, but it never did.

I played the game hard and long. I made a lot of money, married the perfect woman, built a world of my own and found that I was more miserable than when I started. I was still putting on an act, not daring to expose my true self. But when the time came for me to act like an old person, I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t feel old and I couldn’t bring myself to sit down, stop moving, put on weight and talk about death and health problems.

I went to a People Unlimited meeting and found a room filled with people who were living their lives as an ever-growing process. Where the mortal world got up every morning knowing they were one day closer to the end, these people rose to greet a new beginning every day. It was exhilarating. Here was a place filled with people who would applaud greatness and be inspired by the greatness of others to do great things themselves.

It took several years for me to get over my insecurities completely and be myself for the first time in my life. For me, it is now truly great to be alive. It’s odd, but when you remove the impending doom of death and old age from your life’s equation, you find that even though you have much more time to do the things you want with your life, there is an urgency to get things done now. I love feeling this way about life.


Susanna Lange - Moving beyond dyslexia

Susanna LangeI am successful in my career, I live in a great house, I am able to buy a lot of great fashion to wear (my favorite thing to do), and I own a horse that I enjoy so much. These are things I’ve always wanted, but what I wanted most was to be able to be myself freely in the midst of others. That I can now do! I have deep and meaningful interactions with people from all walks of life every day. I am simply inspired and fulfilled while seeing so much work that needs to be done to inspire others. It’s exciting to have so many wonderful people to do it with! I could tell you about many transformations I’ve had as a People Unlimited member. One of the transformations was experiencing a deeper connection with my intimate partner, Otto, “after our romance was over”. Or I could tell you about overcoming the obsession with relationships in general. All of those would be great transformations to talk about, but I want to tell about my life after dyslexia.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 4th grade at the age of 9 in 1970 in Germany where I was raised. I had never heard of it. No-one in my school had ever had dyslexia and it was just a diagnosis that no-one seemed to be able to do anything with. A dyslexia counselor helped me to no longer transpose letters and numbers, but it really didn’t help me address my core issue.

In school I was only able to pay attention for 10 minutes at the beginning of each class before my mind would wander off to daydreams. No matter how hard I concentrated and wanted to pay attention, my mind would wander. The truth was, the harder I tried, the further I got away from what I really wanted; which was to understand what my teachers were saying, to understand the questions in my tests and to be able to know the answers when a teacher called on me.

I had been an outspoken kid playing with the neighborhood kids all afternoon long having fun. But I began to be a quiet person. I would go out with my friends and say one sentence all afternoon. The rest of the time I was listening to their conversations trying to figure out what the right thing to say would be – and never finding it.

Now my life is the opposite. I can talk non-stop and it’s easy for me. It just flows out of me. It’s never the “right thing” to say, it’s just me being me. And the greatest thing is, people love me for it, because they can feel me. To make the jump from not even knowing what I feel, to now having direct access to my feelings has been great. It has even been greater that I can now also speak and act on my feelings without being self-conscious. It has been much more than a dream come true.

I know now that trying to be ‘right’ is what got me in trouble from the beginning. When I started to wanting to be ‘right’– right at school, right for my friends, right at home – that’s when I began to feel isolated. I know that without Bernie and Jim insisting on me being real all the time, life would still be a constant struggle to be right.

I’m been so thankful to Bernie and Jim and People Unlimited for creating an environment that helps people radically come out with who they are. It has been my number one answer, not just for dyslexia, but for everything.

Lisa Miller - I found my people

Lisa_Miller_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialI had a feeling as a child that to live an amazing life, to gain wisdom with years and then to die at the end was not how it was supposed to be. Even then, I had the feeling that it made no sense that this was the path for everyone. I had the feeling I could live, be totally alive and get better and healthier as time went on – rather than getting worse and unhealthier as I got older, only to die. But as time went on, I was living alone as an immortal, and I began to wonder if I would actually be able to create a deathless life for myself after all, since I felt all alone with this feeling. I had no-one to speak with about it, no-one to generate the excitement of manifesting the reality of living fully alive, and no-one to inspire me to go beyond any thoughts that did not compliment my deathless life. Just about the time I questioned if I would be able to really live in this world as a physically immortal person, I was invited to a People Unlimited event.

I found my people! I am finally home! I participate with a community of people called People Unlimited who are always lifting and encouraging me, speaking out about physical immortality, living free of all limitations, caring for me, facing challenges together and moving through them, and inspiring me with each person’s expression. I am expanding beyond what people think is possible, and going with the feeling of our bodies together as one. I am among people living physical immortality right here and right now. Being in this amazing, uplifting, and nourishing environment strengthens my feeling and knowing of myself as a physically immortal person. It is so huge to feel I am whole and complete, right now. I deserve to live, right now. I am the powerful creator of my life right now. I choose a life of joy and aliveness, right now.

Don Wortman - Finding a purpose to get healthy

don_wortman_peopleunlimited_testimonialI have lost to date 120 lbs. I am off all prescription medications on a regular basis. My immune system is recovering and I even have a beer every once in a while. Hello, my name is Don Wortman and I want to share some of the life-altering transformations that I have experienced since getting involved with People Unlimited. When I first showed up at People Unlimited, I weighed 370 lbs (plus or minus 10 percent). I had an awakening in my body of the possibility of physical immortality and I realized that tipping the scales close to 400 lbs was not going to give me the possibility of living much more than just a few more years, let alone forever.

I was on/using a C-pap breathing device that allowed me to sleep at night because I had sleep apnea.  (Weight loss is the cure for sleep apnea.) I also had asthma and took some of the most powerful medications on the market to keep it at bay (symbicort and dulera inhalers for example.)  I also had chronic sinusitis and could not get over a cold because my immune system was so shot.  I had become allergic to beer, wine and liquor, which was one of my most favorite past-times (getting drunk).

When I heard Jim Strole, Bernadeane and Charles Brown speak on physical immortality, I got inspired that there was a way out for me aside from the pain and misery I was feeling. So I moved from North Carolina to Phoenix.  I got a better job in the process and started losing weight.

I was also trapped in an 18-year marriage, caught in an old-fashioned relationship where I played the strong, money-making, silent husband and she played the dependent spouse.  Michele is an extraordinary person but I relied on her to be my “voice” and she relied on me to be her financial support.  That model just does not support the freedom the human form requires to live abundantly.  We ended up separating as husband and wife, but we live better now than we ever did.  We see each other every week and harbor no resentments towards each other from the past. And why should we? We’re both living healthier, happier lives.