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Is James Strole the Most Positive Man On the Planet?

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World. I’ll say it plain and simple: James Strole is the most positive man on the planet.  As my friend and mentor, Jim talks about and demonstrates the human body’s innate ability to transcend all limitations of sickness, aging, and yes, even death. In my humble estimation, Jim walks his talk like no one I’ve ever known.

We all have our own take on being "positive", and we are all familiar with positive thinking, but in the case of this most positive man, I’m speaking of something way beyond positive mentality. Jim Strole is passionately, boundlessly and physically positive.

“The body wants to live, it’s not a mindset!”  (JS)

Positive thinking, on the other hand, is nothing new, tracing it’s roots back to the middle 1800’s as the so-called “mind power” movement in Massachusetts and Maine. During the Great Depression, the “prosperity gospel” became part of this mindset of health and hope.  Some of the names involved during this time are now well known: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale.  Ronald Reagan was friends with many of these pioneer thinkers and introduced positive thinking to the political arena, where it is still practiced today.

As television came of age, the movement continued to transform with entrepreneurs and evangelists taking advantage of instant connection with millions.  Nowadays, we have Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey to tell us how we can think better and live better.

“You didn’t come here to be led, you came here to be bigger.” (JS)

If there is one thing that we can generally say about all these illustrious teachers (well, maybe two things), it is that they teach very specific methods and goals that one can eventually attain; and secondly,  it is best to achieve these goals before we die.

“If you aren’t good enough now to live forever, you never will be.” (JS)

This is where Jim Strole makes a radical departure from his contemporaries in the field of positivity.  How would your life change, he asks, if you were no longer obligated to die?  What sense does it make to go through all the torments and blessings of a human life, accumulate a lot of toys and knowledge, and then die, just when you’re beginning to get a notion of how precious your human body is?

“Let’s experience the beauty of being alive without the darkness to have to remind us.”  (JS)

Instead of preparing for eventual death and reincarnation in some so-called better place, Jim’s entire adult life has been a constant movement of expanding and deepening into his own physical form — what he calls the “flesh”. No flesh, no Spirit. No Spirit, no life.

“If we don’t value our bodies more than anything, 
I think we’re really missing what living is all about.” (JS)

The ultimate valuing of our flesh, says Jim, is the discovery that we are all worthy to live, forever!  Think about this (or rather, feel into it.)   What greater self-esteem could there possibly be?  Co-incidentally, the more we value our own life, the more valuable every other life is!  Love thy neighbor as thyself, indeed.

“Take it on that you’re physically immortal now. It's not about being perfect or good enough. It’s about being passionate and alive. It’s about joy and pleasure, and a flow with people who flow with you" (JS)

For arousing the feeling in my heart that separation and war are already over with this valuing of the body, Jim is not only my hero, he is also the most positive man on the planet!

“Physical immortality is about people really wanting to take responsibility for being on the planet, they're not just passing through. They're ready to clean up the mess now and not leave it to somebody else when they die.” (JS)

And for taking a stand for Life, attracting people from all over the world who I now call my friends, and for shining a light into my own darkness of doubt and negativity, James Strole is not only the most positive man on the planet, he is my hero.

"When you’re free from the slavery of death,  you don’t want anybody else to be bound up.  That’s why  immortality is the total answer to peace on this planet.  People stop killing each other because of the value that is created in one another’s flesh."  (JS)



What is living unlimited?

What is living Unlimited? Living unlimited isn't about a life outside us somewhere, It's about people being unlimited together. It's we the people moving unlimited together for the first time. Unlimited movement, unlimited passion, unlimited love, unlimited feelings for one another. Unlimited expansion, unlimited touching, unlimited feeling in our own bodies. Hunger to be an unlimited person. Be so tired of being around limited people. Be so tired of your own limitations!

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World.



Solidify your individuality

It's so vital to be a strong individual in every way. To have muscle in your body, to have good tissue, to have good skin, to have good thinking, to have solid emotions, to really feel the strength of your body. To really feel the clarity of your movement. To not be blown off course by every little emotion that comes up. To be able to feel the emotions in your body but not be knocked out of life for half a day, or half a week, or a whole month or whatever the case may be. To feel the solidity of your person. That's what being unlimited is about. You begin to think in completely different terms. Instead of seeing something that you don't like about yourself as negative you think, wow, that's something I need to change, that's something I can change because I'm an unlimited body.

James Strole.The Most Positive Man in The World.