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The best super longevity event ever.

People Unlimited volunteers, entertainers and activists help make RAADfest 2017 the greatest super longevity event ever. RAADfest, held August 9-13, 2017 in San Diego, was made possible, in large part, by the efforts of People Unlimited members. People Unlimited provided most of the event support team as well as several great performances.



Living free of mental control

Living free of mental control is a wonderful thing. The only people I have ever experienced this with are immortal. Most human beings are like ticking time-bombs. They walk around their whole lives with the unconscious knowledge that some day they are going to die. People don’t think about that much and often will dismiss you or even fight you when you try to enlighten them to their state of being, but that does not change the fact that the body feels the weight of the sentence of death every day it is alive and dulls the senses to prepare for loss of all kinds. Living with the belief system of death is very suppressive of aliveness and joy, but since most people have never known anything else it’s just accepted as the norm. No-one has really lifted the veil to explore what a human body without that limitation would be like, until now. We are the people doing this, literally going where no-one has ever been before. There are innate creative powers of the human body when freed from the daily reality of living with a death sentence and the inevitable fears that arise from that. When the body can function from somewhere more vast and inclusive than just the programmed human mind, there is a change that takes place that produces great clarity and focus of thought, feeling and action. First you have to be delivered from the mental prison. That requires a human touch from someone who has crossed over the death barrier and is moving free themselves. I wish I could convey to you the glorious rest that you will experience in your nervous system when an immortal penetrates to your soul and lifts your burden… the possibilities you will glimpse and the new hungers that will begin to squirm inside you. If I could just open a door for you right now to another world, would your natural sense of adventure and curiosity that maybe you remember from your childhood take over? Would you run through eager to explore, or would you dismiss immortality as stupid and close the door behind you?

Immortal bodies are nothing short of treasures. People that are willing to face everything and be vulnerable and intimate with themselves and others are sacred to me. People that go beyond a self-centered life to reach out and take others with them to greater heights are simply precious. They are the life-blood of this planet. Once you have tasted the sweetness and illumination of the virtue that pours from an immortal body, you are never the same. It is the genius of immortals that has realized that human nourishment is the missing ingredient and the key to living abundantly forever. Without it a person slowly or quickly dries out, shrivels up and eventually blows away.




Immortal Prosperity - ending the limitation of poverty

Immortal prosperity is the hot topic at People Unlimited these days. Being physically immortal, it is essential to end the limitation of poverty which is part of the program of death. We are moving intensely to smash it and be free of the distraction once and forever.  We are sick and tired of being controlled by any form of lack. We simply have too much purpose and too much living to do to worry about the finances we need. There is more than enough money in this world for everyone to be abundantly rich, happy and healthy, and we refuse to be a part of the system of death that promotes otherwise. I believe that physical immortality is innate to the human body, but we have to create our lives free from the influence of death that was imprinted upon us from birth. We have shared DNA with people who have died for eons, thus we have carried a mixture of death programming along with the pure immortal strand. But there is an undeniable happening on the planet today. People are actually experiencing who they really are, and there is a powerful move to take back our lives whole and complete.  Physical immortality is the cutting edge today. It is by far the most exciting happening in this world.

Our destiny as immortals is unlimited immortal prosperity and joy.  All we have to do is claim our wholeness and move to bring it about. Immortals have the power and the heart to do that because we have forever in mind. We build one another to expand beyond the small thinking of a lone identity existence. In our events we demonstrate progressive change to one another by our expressions of dynamic movement. This imprints us all with new life. The bar gets set high collectively and, if we do not suppress our desire for more, we can face whatever lack or limitation may lie in our individual bodies. It is an intense but rewarding way to live, and we are on our way to create more immortal prosperity than we ever dreamed possible.