Yaiza_Brown_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialI am 40 lbs lighter, I am strong, and look and feel beautiful. I am with a person that loves me in a way I could never dream of. I am an entrepreneur and also work for a renowned interior design firm (something that seemed so "impossible" to me). But now there is no stopping point or 'can't' in my way. I know I can do it. But I didn’t always feel this way about myself. I am almost 31 years of age and can now say with absolute certainty that I look and feel better than ever. Youth is supposed to be this perfect time of life, but for me that age was a promise of a joy that never came.

When I joined PUI I was 25. I had just undergone major surgery, was about 40 lbs overweight, and suffered from depression. I was involved in many unhealthy relationships, always seeking love and comfort in all the wrong places. Nothing could ever feed my soul. I was also a binge drinker and dabbled with prescription drugs.

My mother was already involved in People Unlimited, and after her many invitations to at least "come and check it out", I decided to do give it a try. I’m forever grateful that I did.

I haven't experienced depression, loneliness, self-destruction urge or even the negative thoughts about myself in who knows how long. I always have had high hopes and expectations for my life, but really never thought they'd come true until the amazing community at People Unlimited really boosted me and said "go for it, you can do it!". I’ve never felt passion and encouragement like I received from Jim Strole and Bernadeane.

Some may think that immortality and living forever is crazy or impossible; for me, it literally saved my life. The people, the nourishment, the encouragement and the passion poured on each other is precious, priceless. I have a life worth living and full of purpose. That to me is reason enough to not want to die, and to know that I don't have to.