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Living up to a thousand years.

"What's the secret to keeping young", Aubrey De Grey and People Unlimited directors share their vision. People Unlimited directors James Strole and Bernadeane are featured alongside Aubrey De Grey and RAADfest on Italy's leading TV news magazine, PresaDiretta. The conversation is all about living up to a thousand years, keeping young and how to do it. 



The best super longevity event ever.

People Unlimited volunteers, entertainers and activists help make RAADfest 2017 the greatest super longevity event ever. RAADfest, held August 9-13, 2017 in San Diego, was made possible, in large part, by the efforts of People Unlimited members. People Unlimited provided most of the event support team as well as several great performances.



Joy of Living

Joy of living is something I find many people take for granted. For physically immortal people it is a fundamental right, something to be grateful for and nurtured. We are alive and plan to stay that way forever. Taking the end from your life releases a true joy that cannot be compared to just the pursuit of happiness. Waking up every day with reasons to live and a purpose for your own existence is a wonderful thing. There is no real joy of living without opening to your physical immortality. A temporary lifespan is felt in the nervous system on a daily basis, causing mental disease and anxiety that manifests in multiple ways, some subtle and some as outright destruction. The cells of the body and the telomeres are responding to the message from the DNA that they only have so many times to replicate and each time with less energy and less lifespan. The mind is trying to cope daily on a deep level with its own mortality. This may not be experienced in the conscious awareness, but it is causing vast amounts of stress and coping behaviors that block the flow of life daily. How much energy can there really be left to experience freedom and joy of living?

People Unlimited livingI am thankful every day of forever that I have discovered who I am and have found people like myself, my own species. An alive body needs lots of alive stimulation and input to stir up the joy of living and that is where our togetherness comes in. My people and the life I live with them at People Unlimited are the basis of my joy of living. I am filled up with their love and inspiration. I am overflowing, with no end to the flow of life that I can experience. We don’t have to try to be joyful; we just have to get out of our own way. It is an innate response to living without death. True joy comes from within, not from “things” or content as such, although those automatically come along with daily enjoyment of creation. If you would love to experience this kind of joy, there is an open invitation for you to join us at a People Unlimited event. I hope to see you there soon.

Lorna Collett.



People Unlimited Summer Celebration on physical immortality and radical life extension

The People Unlimited Summer Celebration on physical Immortality and radical life extension was held this year in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. I was very excited to leave 110 degrees of desert heat and drive to the cool clear mountains to immerse myself for a week with 100+ like-minded individuals all gathered for the same purpose of focusing on radical life extension and physical immortality. There is a unique magic that happens when that many dedicated people leave their daily routines for a week to focus solely on the celebration of unlimited living, but I can tell you for sure that I left there transformed, refreshed, inspired and overflowing, as did everyone else who attended. So much happened during the week but there were definite highlights for me. It began with the opening night entertainment by Kevin Brown and company. This was an exciting multi-media production of live music, electronic music and dance, intermixed with visual images on screen of various prominent or famous individuals with their quotes about radical life extension and/or physical immortality. There were quotes dating back as far as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln and as current as Ray Kurzweil, Woody Allen and Bruce Willis, to name a few. It was very touching to me to feel these hearts. I loved Kevin's passion to present inspiration from many sources to open our event; it was really beautiful and an expansive beginning.

Actually, the daily entertainment throughout the week was outstanding and a highlight in itself. So much variety was offered, truly food for the soul; from rocking it out with the band, to Latin rhythms, belly dancing, lyrical dance, show dance, inspirational singing, as well as an amazing performance of strength and power of the human body by Ilana and Dimitri that brought me to tears.

Dr. Bill Andrews People UnlimitedThe events themselves were also rich in variety and expansiveness, with much emphasis on scientific and physical intelligence content. This is where our physical immortality has led us today - deep into the physical realm. I am excited by the explosion of scientific progress in the field of radical life extension today. I particularly enjoyed hearing the presentations from our visiting scientists, feeling their passion for their subjects and their joy at having such wonderful feedback and communication from wide-open people instead of closed minds in the audience. It was really nourishing to see Michael Greve, Bill Andrews and Molly Sheridan blossom in the warmth of our welcome and to hear their expressions when they left us filled up and enriched from the connection.

People Unlimited Summer CelebrationMolly was such a beautiful woman, so generous and enthusiastic - I was inspired by her story of starting from nowhere to become the most successful female ultra marathon runner in the world just because she wanted to see how far she could go! What a gift she brought to our midst, truly an unlimited body, and I was very touched by her passion to inspire people to have fun moving. The morning of the 5K was special for me because of all of us doing it together. I didn't run, I walked, but felt wonderful being in the flow with my group, and the time went by really fast until I received my medal at the end, feeling like I had accomplished something great!

If I could sum up the whole week and how it transformed me I would have to say it was being in a flow with others. I experienced more joy of intimacy in that week than in all my life before. I felt an ease of opening to the unknown in the presence of my own kind that was so relaxing. I truly felt unlimited, maybe for the first time ever in such a physical way. I felt I was part of an organic biological flow. People Unlimited James Strole BernadeaneIt was palpable to me, like a pulsating organ, a blood flow, a heartbeat of us,that we were one and there was a power of us that could achieve anything - we could heal, we could create, we could expand. I experienced that whatever we would focus on it would come about. And with that feeling came a call from Jim Strole that I heard loud and clear in a new way. He asked us - where is our urgency? I realized that if we could do anything then we needed to do something really big. Why be small when you can be big? Why settle for mediocre when you can change the world?

I realized our physical immortality comes from our being together. It is a by-product of a connected life, not something we aspire to as a lone identity. That is an illusion of the mind. We can't escape the reality of flesh and blood, touch, responsibility, accountability, physicality and change. Physical immortality is not a social revolution, it is a biological revolution. We can't fake being alive and we can't bypass each other. Science may have answers to radical life extension in terms of greater health for the body and ending the scourge of human aging, suffering and disease, but the human being is still incredibly creative and will no doubt continue to find ways to die if we do not open our hearts to one another and remove the sentence of death. To find the courage to search our souls and open to a touch that comes only from another person is our genius at People Unlimited and our unique contribution to the coalition for radical life extension.

I took on who I am in Telluride. I finally received myself. I moved, gave my passion, let my love and wisdom flow and was built in return. My people raised me "so high I can see forever" as Bernie so beautifully expresses, and I am left with a loud call from the deep of me to move with Bernie and Jim to create a future of freedom and joy for all who can live it.




Liz Parrish “preaching to the choir” at People Unlimited

Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva, while speaking at People Unlimited, commented on how unusual it was for her to present her perspective on ending death to an entirely receptive audience. “I’m used to facing a lot of resistance,” she said, “and here I get nothing but agreement. I’m preaching to the choir.” Liz Parrish, Bernadeane, James Strole

Parrish offered some fascinating insights on how aging and dying has changed already over the last 500 years. Especially well received was the formidable case she made for not accepting aging and death as normal. She also provided exciting news about emerging gene therapies that could radically alter how the disease of aging is treated.

Parrish’s presentation, held on Saturday March 21st, was the third of People Unlimited’s Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series. Previously, People Unlimited had hosted Max More, the founder of transhumanism, and Dr. Bill Andrews, leading telomere researcher.

In April, the Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series continues with Neal Vanderee of the science-based Church of Perpetual Life. In May, Natasha Vita-Moore, PhD will be our feature speaker. And in June, Aubrey De Grey will round out our speaker series, leading up to our Summer Celebration in Telluride.



People Unlimited: Power of togetherness to end death

People Unlimited supports a community where people can experience radical life extension and physical immortality as a comprehensive lifestyle, rather than an abstract idea. In twice weekly events, people gather to share their insight and inspiration about living without death right now. This does not in any way exclude the benefits of scientific developments to come. But it does recognize the power of intention in people, when we come together for a passionately felt purpose, to transcend limitations and manifest what might otherwise be impossible. The power of intention is apparent in every avenue of life. A patient’s best chance of recovery from illness, along with treatment, is to know they will recover. An entrepreneur must see his venture successful before that success may be fully assured. The basketball player has to feel he can make the shot, or he will certainly miss. It’s true that he might miss anyway, no matter how confident he is, but he certainly has a better chance to score if he thinks he will.

Why is this? Because actualization is a chemistry in the body – a highly personal formula of emotions, thoughts, reflexes, disciplines, choices and dreams that combine to enable us to go where we want to go and be who we want to be. This kind of “leap of faith” is particularly relevant to radical life extension and physical immortality, for which no past model exists, and which most people view as a fantasy.

However it’s almost impossible to sustain an authentic feeling that you can live forever on your own. The negative influence of society, family, media, personal setbacks and other factors are too great. For this reason, immortalists have been largely driven inward, sharing only their own company when it comes to their deepest ambitions for living. This helps explain why the culture at large is so ignorant and scared of the best thing that will ever happen to them – radical life extension -- because the people who know better have been isolated and muted.

People Unlimited

A social laboratory of living

People Unlimited has flipped this equation. We gather to celebrate our immortality and to spur one another on to live more death-free every day. We recognize that death is not just an outcome at the end of a lifespan, it’s the sum total of damaging patterns, pathologies, experiences and choices that break down the human physiology over time. In the process, we’ve created a kind of social laboratory nurturing into being a new society, with a bias for joy over anxiety, energy over passivity, accountability rather than victimhood, connection instead of isolation, change over the status quo, and yes, an impassioned sensibility that we are here to stay.

Life presents many challenges – health challenges, financial challenges, emotional challenges. By declaring ourselves unlimited now, we commit and strengthen our resolve to meet any and all obstacles we might face. We feel even the immune system is boosted by taking this stand on an going basis. And what greater motivation can one have to seek more quality and clarity in one’s life on an on-going basis than living forever?

By connecting with other like-minded people, we’ve created an environment more suited to living forever. Guests often remark on the intensity of the energy they feel at People Unlimited events. But to us this energized state is simply the new normal, when we stop adhering to the reflexive suppression of a death-oriented society. For that matter, we’ve also evolved beyond the handshake to embracing one another, as a more appropriate greeting for people planning to spend forever together.

We’ve discovered that in the context of living forever, traditional social fault lines like income, religious/cultural/historic/racial differences, and ideological disagreements are rendered irrelevant. People Unlimited brings together people from four continents and all walks of life who find profound value in one another. In People Unlimited events in Israel, we have seen Jews and Germans fall into each other’s arms. We’ve realized that the concept of tolerance of differences is woefully inadequate; that in fact, these differences make us more whole and excited to be alive.

The new humanity of immortality

There is a big picture message we feel is vital to deliver – that, immortality, rather than being a dehumanizing element as Hollywood vampire stories suggest, in fact brings out the best in our humanity. It doesn’t just end death, it ends the separation between people; by neutralizing the inherent fear of death, immortality empowers us to open our hearts to people like never before. The toxicity of contemporary life is a serious threat to our health, and perhaps the greatest toxicity is that which comes from people.

This deathless passion, creates a whole new level of togetherness in which people are lifted by people, rather than brought down.

The movement for radical life extension is nothing if not the creation of our own future. At People Unlimited, we’ve tapped into the power of together to experience that the future is now. And it always has been. Embracing our immorality together has given us staying power. We’ve outlived an era, in the 70’s and 80’s, when longevity wasn’t even discussed, much less super-longevity. At that time, science for the most part, declared our intention an impossibility. We refused to allow ourselves to be defined by that science, and to our delight, we’ve entered a new era, in which we now have scientists seeing unlimited possibilities for the human form.

We’re connecting with the leading scientific lights of radical life extension, including Dr. Bill Andrews, Michael Fossel, and Aubrey De Grey, to cheer them on in their work and their outlook. At People Unlimited, we practice the power of togetherness to end death on a regular basis. Now we want all those who are truly dedicated to radical life extension to be energized and empowered by a new togetherness too. For this reason we are leading the formation of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which includes the above mentioned scientists, as well as entrepreneurs such as Bill Faloon and Elizabeth Parrish and thought leaders like Max MoreDavid Kekich, Natasha Vita-More, Zoltan Istvan, and others. The purpose of the coalition is to boost all those involved by collaborating to promote a more positive perception of radical life extension among the public at large. This will help generate greater support for all our endeavors. It’s the power of togetherness to end death in action.

By James Strole and Bernadeane.




Dr. Max More to speak at People Unlimited Speaker series featuring leaders from the radical life extension movement

Max More at People Unlimited
Max More at People Unlimited

Dr. Max More, a leading proponent of radical life extension and the President of Alcor, will speak at People Unlimited on the subject of Super Longevity, on February 21st.

Max’s futuristic thinking on a wide range of subjects has earned him international acclaim. He founded the philosophy of transhumanism, authoring the transhumanist philosophy of extropy, and co-founded Extropy Institute. Since the start of 2011, he has served as President and CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the world’s leading cryonics organization.

Ray Kurzweil, the famous author and inventor, has said of him: “Max More’s ideas are very influential among other “big thinkers,” who in turn are influence leaders themselves. Max’s writings represent well grounded science futurism, and reflect a sophisticated understanding of technology trends and how these trends are likely to develop during this coming century.”

People Unlimited is excited to host Max, following up the very successful presentation by Dr. Bill Andrews on his cutting edge Telomere research. Both are part of our continuing guest speaker series featuring leading voices from the cutting edge of radical life extension.

This will be a fascinating day for all those interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. Be sure to attend.

To keep up with all the latest from People Unlimited, sign up for our mailing list.

Time: 11AM-4PM Fee: $20 Address: People Unlimited Event Center 9380 E. Bahia Drive. Suite A101. Scottsdale, AZ 85260



Changing the conversation: Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Changing the conversation: Coalition for Radical Life Extension

People Unlimited is helping to form a new coalition of leaders in radical life extension and physical immortality, in order to join our forces together to help galvanize greater public understanding, excitement and support for radical life extension. Already, James Strole and Bernadeane of People Unlimited have been joined by leading scientists Aubrey De Grey, and Dr. Bill Andrews, as well as transhumanist philosopher Max More, futurist Natasha Vita-MoreBioviva CEO Liz Parrish, Life Extension CEO Bill Faloon, and David Kekich, founder of the Maximum Life Foundation, among others.

The Coalition’s vision is to bring about a major cultural shift in how radical life extension is viewed by the public at large.

“The only reason people may be against radical life extension and physical immortality is that they do not really understand it”, says James Strole, President of People Unlimited. “We’re bringing together leaders in the field in order to focus our resources to help get the word out about what is really happening, and how positive the implications are for every single human being.”

The Coalition on Radical Life Extension, the first ever coalition of its kind, will reach out to all those interested in radical life extension in order to energize and unite them as the vanguard of a new era of unlimited living.

“It’s so important for people to start feeling the true value and importance of human life,” says Bernadeane. “Every death is a tragedy and the sooner we come together, the sooner we can stop it.”

The coalition will plan and host events that will help change the conversation on radical life extension and physical immortality. This will help boost and accelerate a wide array of developments, from scientific research to social and psychological breakthroughs, to intellectual and artistic expression.



People Unlimited hosts biggest screening yet of The Immortalists

People Unlimited hosts biggest screening yet of "The Immortalists"

The Immortalists AZ ScreeningAccording to our good friend, Dr. Bill Andrews, yesterday’s screening of the documentary, The Immortalists, hosted by People Unlimited at the Harkins 101 Theater, was the biggest one he’s been to yet. And he’s attended about fifty of them.

The screening drew over 200 people who learned more about the leading edge work being done to cure aging by Bill Andrews and Aubrey De Grey. Afterward, Bill answered questions and spoke briefly about the in-depth presentation he will do at People Unlimited tonight. [For more information about this, click here.]

The Immortalists AZ ScreeningIt was a great night for promoting radical life extension and physical immortality in Scottsdale. Our thanks to the excellent staff at Harkins for helping to make it happen. To keep up with all our activities and events on radical life extension and physical immortality, be sure to get on our mailing list.



People Unlimited to Host Dr. Bill Andrews

People Unlimited to Host Dr. Bill Andrews for an in-depth exploration of radical life extension

In keeping with its commitment to raise public awareness about radical life extension and physical immortality, People Unlimited is hosting a special evening with Dr. Bill Andrews, the leading anti-aging researcher, on Friday, January 9th at 7.30, at the People Unlimited Center:

People Unlimited Inc. McDowell Mountain Business Park 9380 E Bahia Dr, Ste A101 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

bill andrews the immortalistsBill will share his most current findings on telomere study. In addition, James Strole and Bernadeane will speak on the psychological and sociological implications of radical life extension and physical immortality.

This exciting and informative evening will follow an exclusive screening of the new documentary The Immortalists, hosted by People Unlimited at the Harkins 101 Cinema in Scottsdale on January 8th at 7:30 pm. The Immortalists focuses on the leading edge research being conducted on radical life extension and physical immortality by Bill Andrews and Aubrey De Grey.

For the screening, January 8th, reserve your place in advance

For the exploration of radical life extension, January 9th, reserve your place:

$10 (with movie ticket):  reserve now

$20 at the door, or here: reserve now

Online Streaming option available.

Email for more info



David Kekich to Speak at New Year’s Launch

David Kekich to Speak Radical Life Extension at New Year’s Launch, December 27th at 12pm MST.

David Kekich, founder of the Maximum Life Foundation, will speak via Skype at People Unlimited upcoming New Year’s Launch event. David is a leading advocate of radical life extension and physical immortality, and the author of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100, where he writes:

David Kekich Radical life extension

“Someday we will look back on history with no personal understanding or empathy for human aging and how it once ravaged bodies and minds … That someday may well be in your personal future.”


He is known for having widely researched the very latest on ant-aging technology, radical life extension, and speaks on the subject in laymen’s terms.

David will add to an already loaded weeklong event of inspiration and insight on living without limitation. Be sure to get in on all the nourishment and expansion that will be happening. The New Year’s Launch runs from December 25th through the 31st, concluding with a fantastic New Year’s Eve party.

To register for the New Year’s Launch, click here.



Challenges of discussing radical life extension and physical immortality.

Challenges of discussing radical life extension and physical immortality, based on the Terror Management Theory. Thanks to Aubrey De Grey for sharing this fascinating study proposal with us, which would help explain why people often tend to be resistant to exploring radical life extension and physical immortality –they are too scared of dying to even contemplate it.  Unfortunately, this fear also blocks people from making choices that could radically increase the quality and quantity of their lives.

The authors of the proposal are:

Terror management theory (TMT; Greenberg, Pyszczynski, & Solomon, 1986) posits that awareness of death in an animal that wants desperately to live creates the potential for overwhelming terror, which would seriously undermine adaptive behavior and make life unlivable unless effectively managed. Given this profound desire for life and deeply rooted fear of death, it is paradoxical that “a large portion of the general public reject the idea that it may be a good thing to combat aging by medical means” (de Grey, cited in Moody et al., 2010). The proposed research will address the psychological processes that lead people to oppose efforts to radically extend the human lifespan by remediating the aging process.

To read the full proposal, click here.



Who is in your life?

Who is in your life? It's a wonderful thing to have people that feel you, and want you, and need you, but it doesn't happen very much in this world. Not for the long term anyway and I'm talking about forever. But I'm not just talking about forever. I'm talking about the community of people we have that are together forever, and find with one another a feeling and sound of the body that you can't find anywhere else. And it's ongoing and exciting because we're continuously experiencing one another. We get better together and the more we're together the more fun it is to be together. And that's not what usually happens in this world either. Usually people become boring to one another or they don't have an ongoing feeling, an excitement when they see each other. But this is what I feel. An excitement that is eternal and ongoing all the time.

Bernadeane. The First Transwomanist.



What is living unlimited?

What is living Unlimited? Living unlimited isn't about a life outside us somewhere, It's about people being unlimited together. It's we the people moving unlimited together for the first time. Unlimited movement, unlimited passion, unlimited love, unlimited feelings for one another. Unlimited expansion, unlimited touching, unlimited feeling in our own bodies. Hunger to be an unlimited person. Be so tired of being around limited people. Be so tired of your own limitations!

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World.


Documenting the Documentary Part 3

In January, 2013, when the “Immortalizing the World“ movement started, plans were made to help train people to spread the word about physical immortality. One of those plans turned into Expansion Training, a communications class conducted by the renowned (and physically immortal) Laurie Handlers. Jim Strole took the class in the spring of 2013. During the final session, held on June 27th, the participants each spoke about their intentions they had set at the beginning of the class and the progress they had made towards achieving them.

After hearing what others in the class had to say about how they had fulfilled their intentions, Jim poured out his feelings on expansion – not just the expansion of physical immortality, but the expansion of all those around him as a result of this movement. It’s great to be alive.

To the human brain, Me is We

When I read this article a friend sent me, it reminded me of my experience when I first met Charles Brown and Bernadeane in 1968. The study states “that the brain strains to sync with others and this increases the chance of our survival for ourselves and the group”. When I heard Chuck and Bernie speak I felt: they are me.  I had never heard anyone express themselves with such a passion for the human body, for the person, or for what they called, at that time, the flesh. It was very raw and vulnerable, I felt deeply touched in my soul by them. I felt I had some kind of biological shift in my body.

After that I could never get the feeling of them out of my body. I continued on with the routine of my life, but no matter what I was doing or achieving I could not feel a sense of fulfillment. Anytime I could, I tried to go to hear them.

Through a period of personal unfolding’s I began to realize that my true desire and destiny was to help them spread this great new feeling that they had in their bodies, about the flesh never dying, and a value of human life that I had never felt before.

Charles and Bernadane and I started working together, to spread this feeling around the world, this connection of forever-ness in our bodies. In our joining together we ignited an explosive passion in each other and we began to spread that passion everywhere we went.

I call this passion today a heart feeling for one another, which is stronger than the power of sickness, ageing and death.

Chuck and Bernie birthed this unstoppable feeling of flesh in me and now, through People Unlimited, we are out to birth that in who ever will receive our passion for them to live an unlimited life.

Me WeLast week before reading this article, I expressed at the People Unlimited event that not all your feelings and thoughts are entirely your own all the time, and that you have to be able to differentiate between what are really your thoughts and what are other people's. Sometimes you can wake up in the morning feeling sad and not be sure why. You are actually picking up transmissions from people who you are connected to you, who may be in a conflict.

After reading this article I saw even more deeply how we can become neurologically wired together as human beings and how important it is that our togetherness is not just about survival, but about a connection that propels us through any limitation. I think it demonstrates how important it is to be around people who send us neurological messages that promote and stimulate unlimited life in us.

When I experienced the biological connection with Bernie and Chuck, my outlook on life changed. It was as if the light was switched on. I felt a greater level of cognitive awareness, enabling me to live a life that I really wanted, not just a life that I was born into.

I would think that the more in sync we are with people that want us to live, and want nothing but joy and abundance for ourselves, the better we are.

What are your thoughts on this?


Jim Strole