Ageless education presentations


Disclaimer: People Unlimited does not necessarily agree with or endorse all the perspectives presented by our Ageless Education guest speakers. Our intention is to provide a broad range of information about age reversible to our members to help them make more informed decisions for their longevity.


Stem cells, extracts, peptides, exosomes People Unlimited Prof Dr Mike Chan
Stem cells regenerative medicine, People Unlimited
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People Unlimited Super Longevity Lifestyle Dr Kat Cotter
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People Unlimited control your body composition forever
People Unlimited Kaatsu
People Unlimited Hydrogen and longevity
People Unlimited - Longevity planning

stem cells, cell extracts, peptides, exosomes - what works best

Presented by Prof Dr. Mike Chan of 2M International Consultancy Inc.

stem cells as the main stratagem of biological regenerative medicine

Presented by Dr. Dmytro Klokol of European Wellness Centers International.

5 Lab tests to maximize your longevity

Presented by Dr. Crystal Gossard of Life Extension Foundation.

MORE ways to hack your healthspan

Presented by Dr. Kat Cotter.

The kaufmann protocol for unlimited wellness

Presented by Dr. Sandra Kaufmann of the Kaufmann Protocol.

reversing immunosenescence

Presented by Dr. Michael Smith of Life Extension Foundation.

WAR on aging: winning the ultimate battle

Presented by Patsi & Rob Krakoff.

anti-aging secrets

Presented by Arnoux Goran of Total Health Mastery.

A BRAVE new world of transhumanism

Presented by Newton Lee of the California Transhumanist Party.

Strategies for funding your cryonic suspension

Presented by Rudi Hoffman.

control your body composition forever

Presented by Derek Mulch.


Presented by Steven Munatones of Kaatsu Global.

hydrogen & it’s impact on longevity

Presented by Tyler LeBaron of Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

planning for the future

Presented by John Asher of Asher Strategies.

People Unlimited - The longevity lifestyle

Hack your healthspan

Presented by Dr Kat Cotter.

People Unlimited Epigenetics

epigenetics+ Bliss|designed

Presented by Dr Denisa Rensen.

People Unlimited Liz Parrish

creating the future

Presented by Liz Parrish of BioVia.

People Unlimited Total Health Mastery

what you must know for longevity

Presented by Arnoux Goran of Total Health Mastery.

Enerjoy Fitness People Unlimited
People Unlimited Brian Delaney Age Reversal
People Unlimited and The Kaufmann Protocol

fitness for immortals

Presented by Ilana Lea of Enerjoy Fitness.

Today’s age reversal options

Presented by Brian Delaney of the Age Reversal Network.

why we age and how to stop it

Presented by Dr Sandra Kaufmann of The Kaufmann Protocol.

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mindset to maximize longevity

Presented by Otto Siegel of Genius Coaching.

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Neuroscience principles & sales

Presented by John Asher of Asher Strategies.

people unlimited cellular senescence

cellular senescence

Presented by Dr. Shaylind Benson from Life Extension Foundation.

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The Plant Parodox

Presented by Lori Phillips.

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The Importance of Neurotransmitter Balancing

Presented by Dr Vanessa Pavey from Life Extension Foundation.

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Presented by Hana Barton.

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prostate cancer updates

Presented by Dr. Steven Nemeroff from Life Extension Foundation.

People Unlimited - Cord blood plasma

cord blood plasma

Presented by Kevin Klein of Hexagon Therapies.