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August Super Longevity Weekend - August 17-19, 2018 - Life Extension Foundation will be presenting on Neurotransmitters

Live long enough to live forever


There is so much new information coming out about health and wellness, it’s hard for any one person to keep up. At People Unlimited, we’re continuously pooling knowledge and sharing insights and experiences that provide a shortcut to making smart choices for your longevity. In addition, the Ageless Education series brings in many of the leading figures in radical life extension to share their views on the most cutting edge strategies for living long enough to live forever.

Topics include:

·      Eating for forever

·      Brain optimization

·      Ageless Intimacy

·      The biology of changing patterns

·      Hormones and longevity

·      Energizing your career for an endless life

·      Functional movement for eternity

Recent guest speakers have included:

·      Bill Faloon, Founder of Life Extension Foundation

·      Dr. Kristin Comella, US Stem Cell

·      Dr. Terry Grossman, Co-Author with Ray Kurzweil of Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

·      Dr. Jose Cordeiro, Singularity University

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