Singularity et Immortalite:

Aired Monday, October 30th, 2017, from a research center in Geneva specifically dedicated to brain discovery – The Human Brain Project, also known as the “Health Valley”, for the 10th Anniversary of RTS, Swiss Television’s leading TV news magazine, James Strole and Bernadeane, Directors of People Unlimited Inc, were interviewed along with Aubrey De Grey and Peter Diamandis.  

People Unlimited Bernadeane James Strole RTS
People Unlimited James Strole Bernadeane RTS
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Living up to a thousand years:

Aired October 8th, 2017, on Italy's leading TV news magazine, PresaDiretta, the full length show focuses on life extension and longevity modalities and breakthroughs by discussing with international experts in the field. In this clip, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation Co-Founder, and James Strole along with Bernadeane, Directors of People Unlimited Inc, are interviewed. 

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Global scientists working to stop aging gather at San Diego conference:

Aired August 11th, 2017, on CBS San Diego News, James Strole is interviewed with Dr. Ben Goertzel, of Hanson Robotics. They spoke on several scientifically proven modalities out there to help reverse aging that were presented during RAADfest 2017 and what exactly the industry is trying to achieve.

James Strole TV CBS RAADfest People Unlimited
James Strole TV CBS RAADfest People Unlimited
James Strole TV CBS RAADfest People Unlimited


Meet the Extensionists: People Who Believe Immortality Is Possible:

October 2017 issue of Marie Claire Magazine, US print and web.

People Unlimited members were interviewed along with other women, also life extension activists, on their outlook, experiences and to-do's when it comes to a super longevity lifestyle targeted to immortality. 

Forget about life after death. More and more, women around the country are seeking another kind of miracle: not dying at all.